Here's a list of the documentation we've prepared for FV Flowplayer 5. Be sure to read our Video Encoding for HTML Guide and the Amazon S3 section if you use or are considering using Amazon hosting. Most of the rest of the documentation is intuitive.

We're working towards website translation which will be available soon. We want to have a version for everyone!

  1. Download
  2. Installation
  3. Start up guide
  4. Demos
  5. Protecting Video from Downloading
  6. Customizing FV Player Skin
  7. How to create playlists
  8. Post Interface Options
  9. Video Encoding for HTML 5
  10. How to use Video Lightbox effect
  11. Pay Per View
  12. How to use YouTube with FV Flowplayer
  13. How to set up quality switching
  14. How to use Vimeo Plus/Pro
  15. Setting Up the HTML Popup Feature
  16. Google Video Advertising Options
  17. Advertising options with FV Flowplayer
  18. How to incorporate Google Ads (AdSense)
  19. How to use video ads (pre-roll and post-roll)
  20. Serving Private Videos via CloudFront
  21. Serving Private Videos with Amazon S3
  22. Amazon S3 MIME Settings
  23. How to setup a HLS stream with Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  24. AB loop function
  25. How to use custom start/end time
  26. How to use Google Analytics with FV Flowplayer
  27. How to use ads in FV Flowplayer
  28. VTT Chapters
  29. How to create subtitles
  30. How to use RTMP streams with Flash
  31. Compare WP Video Plugins
  32. Incompatible Plugins and Scripts
  33. VAST/VPAID Ads
  34. Programmer’s Guide
  35. License
  36. Changelog
  37. How to Download Your Legal Invoice
  38. FAQ
  39. Video Site Development

We also have very complete support forums and will take the time to personally troubleshoot your theme or plugin compatibility issues. We want you to have the best self-hosted video experience on the internet with our FV Flowplayer 5.

Some quick tips

If you are using an early 2.1 please upgrade to 2.2.6 which has lots of improvements and compatibility fixes including:

  • Automated video encoding checker
  • Text Ads (Google AdSense or your own)
  • Pre-roll, post-roll video (i.e. video ads)
  • Playlists
  • Full RTMP streaming compatibility
  • Mobile video support with flash fallback for some Chrome versions
  • Secure Amazon S3 and Cloudfront playback
  • Advanced Vimeo Pro hosting support
  • Basic YouTube support (more coming)
  • Video lightbox

More new features are coming like VAST/VPAID ads. Please let us know if you find any issues. We are dedicated to making sure FV Player works right for you and is the most reliable, easy to use and feature rich WordPress video player.

We are here to help you at any time.