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Alec Kinnear balcony

Alec Kinnear Creative Director

Alec has been helping businesses succeed online since 2000. Alec is an SEM expert with a background in advertising, as a former Head of Television for Grey Moscow and Senior Television Producer for Bates, Saatchi and Saatchi Russia. Alec maintains a photography and culture weblog at His dance film Lapinthrope won prizes around the world.

Alec holds an Honours B.A. from Trinity College at the University of Toronto in Modern Languages and Literature.

Michala Lipkova balcony

Michala Lipková  Art Director

Native of Skalica, Michala graduated in product design at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. She has interned at Škoda Design and Syddansk Universitet in Denmark and currently is a doctoral candidate at Faculty of Architecture. Michala is a co-founder of design oriented NGO.

Michala is keen traveler with passion for contemporary art, local crafts and technology trends.

Viktor Klimo balcony

Viktor Klimo  CSS Designer

Viktor comes from Bratislava. During his university studies of Journalism and German language he moved to Nitra. After his studies he spent nearly 3 years in Sydney.

Apart of being a father and designer, he is passionate about food and coffee. He maintains one of the oldest Slovak foodblogs at and is judging barista championships.

Anna Luptakova

Anna Dudášová Coordinator, Project Manager

Anna was born in Detva, a small town in the heart of Slovakia. Detva hosts a typical international folklore festival "Folklórne slávnosti pod Poľanou" and those who haven't seen this festival yet should definitely come to Detva and feel its great atmosphere in the middle of the beautiful Slovak nature. Anna will be delighted to be Your guide.

Anna holds a Master of Cultural Studies in the Comenius University in Bratislava so she loves traveling and getting to know the cultural heritage of new countries. Anna is a keen dancer, she has been dancing since her early childhood and today is a member of Slovak National Folklore Ballet Group - Lúčnica.

Zuzana Turlikova

Zuzana Turlíková  Project Manager

Born and raised in Bratislava, Zuzka holds a Master of Design from the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava including a year at Copenhagen University College of Engineering. She is currently working on a PhD in Design at the Technical University in Bratislava.

Zuzka loves family, people, art, Denmark and projects.

Zuzka is on maternity leave. Congrats Zuzka!


Martin Vicenik balcony

Martin Viceník Senior Programmer

Martin graduated as an engineer in Computer Science from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

Martin grew up in Liptovský Mikuláš in northern Slovakia next to the beautiful Tatra mountains. All the calming wonders of nature have not had an effect on Martin yet as his free time is dedicated to leading themetal band Striguli on guitar and vocals.

Zdenka Uhrikova

Zdenka Uhríková Senior Programmer

Zdenka was born in Bratislava. She has a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Comenius University and is finishing PhD in Cybernetics and Computer Science at Czech Technical University and the University of Ulster in Belfast.

Zdenka loves travelling, animals, outdoor sports, photography and her daughter Viki. She never leaves home without her trusty DSLR.

Zdenka is on maternity leave. Congrats Zdenka!

Ivka Uhlikova park

Ivana Uhlíková Programmer

Ivana was born in Trnava - nice historical city in western Slovakia, called 'Little Rome' because of large number of churches. Last year she graduated with a Master's Degree in Computer Graphics at Comenius University and now is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at UK.

Ivana loves sports, mostly skiing, hiking, climbing and floorball.

Richard Račko Balcony

Richard Račko Junior Programmer

Richard was born in small village Očová near Zvolen lies in the middle of Slovakia. He moved to Bratislava, when he began study there on Slovak Technical University in Computer Science towards a Master's degree.

Richard is interested in new mobile technologies. In his free time he enjoys watching movies and TV-shows.

Patrik Bartas balcony

Patrik Bartas Junior CSS Designer

Patrik was born and raised in Skalica. He is living and studying in Bratislava towards Slovak University of Technology at Faculty of Architecture.

Patrik is passionate skateboardist. Apart from that he likes design, architecture, vfx, handcrafting (making his own sketchbooks, postcards, fabric cases...) Patrik is a member of Platform 1x1 and Student´s Parliament at school. He is also creator and manager of both organizations´ websites.

Site Promotion

Sanela Kurtek park

Sanela Kurtek Site Promotion Team Lead

Sanela was raised as a Slovak living abroad in Jelisavac, Croatia. From the moment she learned how to talk, she spoke two languages: Croatian and Slovak. Following her roots, she moved to Bratislava where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Journalism. Three years ago she got herself into the magical world of social media and she's been happily stuck there ever since.

Sanela likes good books, movies, music photography, and learning new languages.

Natalia Mattielighova full

Natália Mattielighová Account Manager

Born and raised in Bratislava, Natália studied Chinese studies at Comenius University and currently studies music at Conservatory in Bratislava. Apart from her work as Account Manager for Foliovision, she is also working for IFF Cinematik based in Slovak spa Piešťany.

Natália likes learning new languages, she's playing piano and loves music and movies.

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  1. Tina

    I read about your people, and they are so …enthuziastic and semms to be so positive.
    I spent almost one hour on the website of Navrat :)

  2. Thanks so much for developing the FV Top levels plugin. When Yoast removed that function from their SEO plugin, and they recommended yours, I, like many others I presume, started using it immediately with no issues whatsoever! Tnx again & all the best from Dublin :) ps, Ive also included it in my recommended WordPress plugins list.

  3. ElaDek

    Such an inspiring team! I would love to be a part of it!
    I sent you my CV and will be happy if you find a moment to check it.
    All the best from Ela

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