FV Pro Support
We’ll solve your WP problems right now

At Foliovision in addition to maintaining documentation and answering general questions on our plugin pages, we are proud to offer affordable professional support and configuration for our plugins.

While we try to make our plugins just drag and drop with intelligent defaults (no configuration needed out of the box), some plugins are sufficiently complex that it's a lot easier to get professional configuration and/or installation.

If you would like professional help with one of our plugins, just fill in the form below and we will be happy to troubleshoot our plugin in for you and make sure it works on your site. The investment is $70.

Professional Support Request

Get a professional install and configuration now

What do you get with a professional installation and configuration?

  • working precisely in your environment
  • whatever tweaks are necessary to get it to work in your theme
  • instructions on what it is that is not working and how to make it work in the future yourself
  • a tax deductible invoice for our work

If we are unsuccessful and your hosting meets the minimal requirements (LAMP, PHP 5), we will refund your payment.