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vast Solved 5 johnbokobza 1 hour
lightbox border 3 Tim H. 10 hours
How to totally customize CSS for a playlist 9 Diego C. 18 hours
Youtube seeking issues Solved 6 mateusz p. 2 days
Unable Loading playlist in ajax 5 ffvjnh 1 week
Firefox Skipping Problems 11 Pavel 1 week
hhvm and FV Flowplayer 6 Diego C. 1 week
FV Flowplayer PLAY button is appearing TWICE 6 Sunjay A. 2 weeks
Finding problem on Ajax pages, theme support asked for info to resolve issue. Solved 18 aspirenetwork 2 weeks
FV Flowplayer Default Expiry Time isn't working no matter what I set it to. Solved 9 rayzorg 2 weeks
player stops to preduce the video and the image of the video stop and froz on the screen Solved 10 omar19731973 3 weeks
Simple and quick lightbox: class="colorbox" for images 18 Michael S. 3 weeks
Custom Ads Before YouTube Video 2 Trevor Nelson 1 month
autoplay just once? Solved 12 Bruno K. 1 month
Preroll ads and the video playlist Solved 2 Trevor Nelson 1 month
YouTube videos Solved 9 Aris A. 1 month
YouTube subtitles 4 Varinder S. 1 month
Speed Buttons Not Working 6 Michelle 1 month
Can't Find Flash File 8 Matthew G. 1 month
Video Player doesn't play after Vimeo integration Solved 5 Chi M. 2 months
Mobile video feature not working Solved 8 David H. 2 months
splash screen for offline live video streaming Solved 7 Alessandro N. 2 months
Amazon S3 Oregon signature issues Solved 4 Raylene 2 months
Getting Template check errors Solved 4 roottttal 2 months
Conflict with Appspector Chrome extension 6 Bruno K. 2 months
Google Analytics Error Solved 8 smith234 2 months
Error network 4 XENIA P. 2 months
"Video quality adjusted, please play the video again." Solved 2 Malcolm S. 2 months
Can't open settings boxes Solved 8 Phil B├╝chler 3 months
youtube redirect Solved 3 blenheimbus 3 months
Issues with compatibility / RMTP Server Solved 7 Brendan C. 3 months
iPad plays are not shown in Google analytics Solved 15 Pavel Z. 3 months
Android Vimeo Playlists not working 3 Johnwt 3 months
Quality Switching Labels Solved 9 Pavel Z. 3 months
Slider broken on iPad Solved 3 Andrew S. 3 months
Videos aren't playing. Only audio. Work fine with YouTube URL Solved 9 shaile 3 months
Bad Vimeo video names in Google Analytics Solved 8 Mike B. 3 months
Vimeo videos taking too long to load 26 Tim H. 4 months
Warning message when I hit "check template" Solved 2 XENIA P. 4 months
Optimizepress 2.0, TinyMCE, FV Worpress Flowplayer 2 Jason D. 4 months
Cannot get non-Flash video to work Solved 6 Lucia 4 months
html video file not found Solved 4 Terry 4 months
YouTube Quality Issues Solved 2 Drew B. 4 months
RTMP error on video checker Solved 8 Philip F. 4 months
slow video still after plugin cleanup Solved 4 solwebsolutions 4 months
Do I need to be Premium user to use YouTube with FV Flowplayer? Solved 4 yoshi1234 4 months
Subtitles Fullscreen Font Size & Boxx Solved 2 flowtation 4 months
HLS live stream issues on iPhone and Android Solved 4 Annoula 5 months
CloudFront: Access to video forbidden (HTTP 403)! Solved 4 Marek M. 5 months
Javascript conflict with Optimizepress 2.0 Solved 5 Alec 5 months
Amazon S3 Frankfurt Issues Solved 23 Bruno K. 5 months
FV Flowplayer Fullscreen, Embed and Fast Forward Not Working 5 Martin 5 months
CloudFront video not playing Solved 18 Paolo E. 5 months
Few key features not working Solved 3 Michael M. 5 months
Theme conflict returning blank page inserting video using WP Edit Page Solved 3 nocleats 5 months
Textlink with colorbox class doesn't get altered and simply links to video Solved 5 jdmariano 5 months
Can't close lightbox - because of blocking Google Analytics with Ghostery Solved 26 Bruno K. 5 months
iPad iOS 8.1 issues Solved 26 Mark 5 months
Visual Composer Solved 4 Malcolm S. 6 months
Have Audio, but no video Solved 6 Mark 6 months
New Pro install not playing Vimeo videos Solved 14 Steve B. 6 months
Youtube ads can't be clicked/closed Solved 3 Sean B. 6 months
Audio Player Skin not showing play button Solved 9 Richard C. 6 months
Visual splash/video in post stop working, shows a line to click Solved 5 Robert G. 6 months
Wrong domain in myDomain field. How do I change it? Solved 7 Eric I. 7 months
Browser picking up mobile mp4 file instead of using rtmp protocol Solved 2 Eric I. 7 months
Amazon S3 signed URLs not working Solved 3 Nate 7 months
Javascript is broken error due to W3 Plugin Solved 2 Emptymind 7 months
Flash fallback not working in IE8 Solved 3 Nikola M. 7 months
Logo Not Showing Solved 4 Joe J. 7 months
Quality Switching issues in Firefox Solved 3 dot4all 7 months
Problems with German PHP locale Solved 9 nigcra 7 months
Vimeo Videos fail: "Error loading video. Unknown error" Solved 5 rehan007 7 months
align right in a post is actually coded as "align left" -- the drop-down is backwards Solved 2 Debbie Wolfe 7 months
Gamma shift: Blacks are grey, colours are washed out on PC, OK on Mac Solved 9 Mark 7 months
in https, video works on desktop, but not on mobile device Solved 5 dale55 7 months
after changing to secure domain, getting https errors from plugin Solved 3 andrew55 8 months
Problems on Windows Lumia Phone Solved 12 Samik S. 8 months
Ads stopped working Solved 3 parrjj01 8 months
Can't play my live RTMP Solved 4 Oscar M. 8 months
Vimeo Autoplay issues Solved 3 Mike B. 8 months
FlowPlayer logo is showing up and where to fix .htaccess? Solved 11 Martin 8 months
Testing domain Solved 2 Steve B. 8 months
Vimeo Splash Screen in Widget Solved 2 Filip V. 8 months
FV Player video preview image is not showing. Solved 2 boom360 9 months
How to change subtitle font size? Solved 8 exilod 9 months
Ads stopped working Solved 14 parrjj01 9 months
Entered the license but the logo won't change Solved 9 Eric I. 9 months
wp is null error on admin section Solved 8 manish 9 months
Template Invert - RTL Solved 3 mahdi 9 months
Issues with SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin Solved 7 Chris 9 months
Javascipt popup doesn't works in wordpress plugin Solved 2 boom360 9 months
lightbox/video not working in portfolio custom post type Solved 2 M G A. 9 months
Problem with Youtube Videos in Lightbox Solved 4 David H. 9 months