Ever make a mistake and sent the wrong message in Skype to a client? You can erase pending Skype messages. Here’s how.

Ever have the experience that you send someone the wrong message in Skype or worse yet, you send the right message but to the wrong person?

It happened to me today when I wanted to send one of my staff my client's contact info. Instead I sent him his own contact info.


But he was offline at the time. So the message showed as pending.

Is there anyway to cancel a pending Skype message?

It's great when something works the way it should.

Yes, there is a saved by the bell feature in Skype and it works even on the Mac version. If you right click, you can remove the pending message like this:

erase Skype message
How to Erase a Skype Message

Once you've gotten rid of the message, unfortunately, you are not completely off the hook.

When your client (or girlfriend, as the case may be with mistaken messages) comes back online, he or she will see the text "This message has been removed". Still, it's a lot easier to explain an error message than errant information.

skype message removed
Traces of a Skype message removed

If the person is online and you are quick, you can remove the message before he or she sees it, apparently for up to at least one hour.

This is a great Skype feature.

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59 Responses to Ever make a mistake and sent the wrong message in Skype to a client? You can erase pending Skype messages. Here’s how.

  1. jenny

    i am trying to do this i.e. delete a pending skype message before the recipient comes back online, but when i right click (am using mac) i don’t have the option to delete, only to copy, search etc? what can i do?


  2. Hello Jenny,

    I think there’s a time limit for how long the message remains editable or cancellable.

    Cordial regards,


  3. simpson

    How to review the message which has been removed by my partner?
    B/c I think it is important information.

  4. Hello Simpson,

    As far as I know, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

    You’d do better to ask him.

    Cordial regards.

  5. Alex

    Hello, same thing happened with me, i sent IM to the wrong contact who’s offline, i used to delete and edit messages but this time these two options are not in the menu, just shows copy message, select all and move bookmark here.(i am using windows)

    is there some way to do it even from a application file, skype folder or even unninstalling skype completelly, this IM cannot be delivered, so far i blocked the user to avoid the reception of the IM.


  6. Hello Alex,

    Sorry to break the bad news but even if you close your Skype account, the message will be delivered anyway. You would have to get to your correspondent’s computer first, open Skype, and then delete his or her logs. Then you have a chance that the message might not show up anymore. I don’t think Skype stores delivered messages.

    If you mixed your mistress and your girlfriend up, you are either going to get divorced or she might kill you.

    It’s a tough situation. If it’s business, then don’t worry about it. It’s only money.

  7. Fred

    It would be way better of there was no message left stating the message had been removed!

  8. lee

    thanks for the tip. better seeing a “message removed” than something they shouldn’t.

  9. MPC

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this tip. I just sent a X-rated message to a potentially new boss intended for SOMEONE ENTIRELY different. WHOOPS!

  10. Yes, that would certainly have a been a strange start to a business relationship, MPC.

    Glad this helped you!

  11. annie

    You have no clue how much this saved me! Thank you so much!!!

  12. Hi Annie,

    Be careful what you type into Skype. In general, never forget there is no privacy on the internet. Best to meet personally for explicit messages. Of course in that case, there’s not much need for text messages.

    Glad this helped (I used it myself again last week actually).

  13. Ashley

    Thank-you!! You just saved me from a lot of misery at work!! xxx

  14. Jorge Pontual (George OnTime)

    Thanks for the tip. But yes, here is a way to completely get off the hook.
    You don’t need to explain an error message than errant information.
    Instead of deleting the message, edit it! Substitute it for any other phrase like “I tried to talk to you, but you were off line …”

  15. That’s a clever tip Jorge. Thanks!

  16. anna

    what a marvelous feature!
    Thank the Lord. Nearly had a heart attack! Thanks for sharing! Muahhhh!!

  17. Anonymous

    Thanks alottttttttttttttttttttttt. and by the way are you sure this works and the person that it is sent to wont see the old message if you edit the message?

  18. Khaoula

    How to review the message which has been removed ??
    Is it possible ??

  19. As far as I know, Khaoula, no.

  20. darik

    The messages are in main.db.

  21. BB

    HI, I was switching with communications between my supplier and client, something happened I mistakenly drag my suppliers contact to my client chat bar, and it wrote book mark .

    I tried to remove message but it didn’t go , I clicked on it but there is no icon to remove my suppliers skype which is showing on line on the clients bar chat.

    Please I need help.

  22. achun

    and i have a question… i accidentally send a contact to my friend.. i want to delete the contact that i send to my friend… but… when i click on the right and there is no option for delete. there is just copy, bookmark, etc…
    PLEASE HELP,, how to delete contact that we send to our other friends…
    thank you :)

  23. Tweedy

    I have had the same probs as the people above: I accidentally dragged someone’s contact into the chat box of another of my contact but I don’t want hi to receive the other person’s contact!I right clicked on the message but there’s no delete or edit option???? I have not temporarily deleted the contact that has mistakenly received the message, as the message is still pending…could you please help me on this???

  24. Jacob

    As far as I know, there is no way to remove a contact that you posted to another friend. I’ve tried literally everytthing and gotten nothing. I’m pretty intelligent when it comes to things like this. Here are some helpful tips. If you are in a group chat, only the host of the group can remove any message and or edit them. If you aren’t the host you may only edit or remove it yourself. I’ve also found that you cannot bring back a message that has been removed. And as Jorge said, editing is much better than removing if you have said something you wish unsaid. Hope this helps.

  25. ashley

    Thanks for the guide, as for the time limit the message I sent was over 20 hours using mac, saved me from a drunk message thanks!!!

  26. mason

    I was going to try this feature but just as I went to try it, the contact came online. I had sent the message about like about 25 days before. Anyway, when I checked to see if it had indeed been delivered, there was a ! next to it saying that it failed to be delivered. So, I was wondering did it really fail? If so, will skype continue to try to deliver it we when we are online at the same time? Even though it says it was not delivered, I think it was, because my contact logged off after a couple of minutes. Also, I was on my work computer when this happened and the message was originally sent from my home computer.

  27. alisa

    brilliant !!!!
    thank you :)

  28. Louis

    How is that better? Curiosity is always a worst effect that confusion. You people are retarted, because your gonna have to explain it anyway and if they don’t believe you then only there imagination can limit what the message could have been.

  29. I assure you Louis, wondering can sometimes be much better than the explicit text. Imagine you confused a client with your girlfriend.

    I’m so tortured here working on ______’s dull project. I can hardly wait to leave her and get into your arms. I can hardly wait until you ____ me silly.

    Let them wonder.

  30. Anna

    Are you sure that the deleted messages (if the receiver wasn’t online and had no chance to receive them) will be seen? I mean will it be written that “the message has been removed”? Does it happen only in Mac? I deleted some messages to some friends before they received it and they had no clue that there was any message deleted (didnt receive the notification about it)… But not sure that all of them use Mac. Do you know exactly how it works? If I delete the message from Windows that was sent to Mac – can the receiver notice that? Thanks!

  31. Ayac

    Awesome! I found this feature but I did not know if it really deletes the message at the other side as well… Great help! Thanks man!!!!

  32. wasil

    this is a really cool feature.

    one suggestion in addition: to vote “edit message” instead and replace the ‘wrong’ message with a single space stroke …

    then the reciever can wonder if the cat was walkin over or another transmission error occured ..


  33. OMG

    OMG!!! U ve just saved my life :DDD

  34. annie

    I had at the same time my Iphone skype open and the Ipad skype, when I chatted with the guy I am dating. there was always an update between the two devices, sometimes his messages arrived first at the phone sometimes at the I pad. Then i saw a message in the push function of the phone coming up, but I never showed up in real on either device. Could it be that he has deleted it quickly? There was no notification about that. I just read the beginning in the push message, it seemed to be very personal message … so I was wondering how I could still read it…

  35. annette

    if you delete your chat history, will pending messages be deleted as well?
    wish I had seen your tip. I deleted all chat history.

  36. mp

    i did the same mistake few minutes ago, glad this post was available & i could delete the pending msg, i can see on skype it says, “this message has been removed”, that’s something i can explain if the other person asks me, better than to explain why i wrote the previous text…

  37. Anonymous

    If i delete my chat history…will it delete the pending msg aswell…or it will b sent in this case aswell!!

  38. wiedehopf

    get this software http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlitebrowser/
    edit the database main.db in your skype profile folder.
    the table “Messages” ist the one you want.
    search by dialog partner, or just browse the most recent entries you can delete at will.
    your skype should be off for that.
    then because only your local skype knows the message and you deleted it from it’s database not even a message removed should appear.

    i’m quite certain cause the messages vanished from the chat window whereas the old messages i didnt delete didnt.
    but i dont know if it saves the messages for delivery separately, but i highly doubt it.
    theyll just be flagged for delivery or sth.

    whatever it’s the best i got and it’s not that critical in my case ;)

  39. To delete individual messages from your own history, you can download SkypeX. It makes it easy to choose any message or many messages and delete them. You can find it here:


  40. Muna Antoun

    I send a msg and still pending. I tried to delete it from my I Phone and it showed me that it is deleted. When I opened the skype account from my computer which use Window 7 it showed me the same massage as pending and not deleted. Is this massage will arrive to it is wrong distination. Please let me know what to do in order to avoid having it sent.

  41. Sandy

    I met a guy online and we have been having kinky convos. But apparently while skyping, he was completely cut off. Happened before, he has Internet problems, cause he’s sharing. But the point is I sent him offline messages and its been 2 weeks and its still pending. I go on Skype invisible just to check regularly if he’s online.
    I believe that even if both sides are invisible but They are online, the messages should go through? And it makes me wonder.
    Has he really not come online since then or none of my messages went through?? I really need help. I’m just trying to figure out this guy. Please help guys!!
    And also on my Mac, when I go to his name there’s this block that pops up saying “last seen on so and so” is that true too?

  42. Hi Sandy,

    If he hasn’t blocked you, then it may be that he needs to send you a message for you to start to see one another again.

    Happens more often than it should in our own office.

  43. Me

    Just FYI, the SQLite removal method won’t work with the Android version of Skype. They used to use main.db, but now they use an encrypted file in the .android_secure directory.

    The Remove Message method works fine on Android though.

  44. LW

    WARNING: SkypeX doesn’t do anything that Skype doesn’t do for free. (save yourself USD 4.99)

    I’d be interested to know if there is a way to remove/edit pending messages where you don’t keep history. What can you do in situations where you have closed skype and then can’t see the messages any more. The pending message must be sitting somewhere right?

    All of the remedies here rely on you either keeping the history or keeping the window open.

  45. Randy

    You’re a lifesaver!

  46. I owe you!

    Thanks so much for posting!!!

  47. Lucy Smith

    Okay, so let’s just say i made the biggest mistake of my life by sending the wrong message. (Skype) the message was already sent, and it didn’t say pending, and i removed it. Is there anyway that it worked even if it wasn’t pending?? help!!!!!

  48. jane

    .. what if it’s a video message.?i accidentally sent a video message to the wrong person. how can i delete that video before he sees it?

  49. aim

    Please help ive sent a voicemail to the wrong person how can i delete it

  50. Hi Jane and Aim,

    Bad news. You can’t get back a video or voice message as far as I know.

  51. Constantine

    What i LOVE about your article is “..and it works even on the Mac version.” That comment really cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh!

  52. Bailey

    if both people involved in a conversation delete all of their history and delete each other from skype, can ANYONE (police, hacker, skype ppl, etc) find these message anywhere?

  53. Daniel

    I completely forgot the word used to describe the mistake of sending a message to the wrong person when in chat. Please remind me that word!!! Cheers!

  54. praveen pinku

    If you want to view the deleted message of your friend from skype means then, here is the solution..
    There will be many sub folders with 2 characters name (ex: b4, e3, etc). These folders will contain the chat history in .dat format which can be read using text editors like notepad++. You will have to arrange them date wise to get you file.
    If you are patient enough to find your chat (filename.dat), you will see the message history along with junk characters.

    I got this information from skype community reviews.. And i got the deleted message from my system ( Computer ) … Just try this out …

  55. Praveen, thanks for the interesting suggestion. That’s a lot of work to see a missing message. It had better be important!

  56. praveen pinku

    Hello alec :) how are you, ofcourse yes there is a lot of work to see a missing message by finding through our eyes… but it will like a puzzle & you have to find out your line & this is the only way to catch up the message which is deleted by your friend i think … :)

    sure there will be more (log)files in your “chat sync” Folder / Search each and every single (Log)file to locate the deleted message & just delete the unwanted files which will be no useful for you or just delete all the files after you got the deleted message….

  57. Hey Praveen,

    That friend better be smoking hot if you are going to go through that much trouble to find the deleted message!

  58. helen

    i sent some messages to someone a few months ago,
    now i want to delete them.is there any way i can get them deleted both from my history and theirs?

  59. How do I remove cancelled files sent?

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