About Foliovision

Foliovision s.r.o. is an international web development and strategy agency based in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are one of the leaders in WordPress Migration services, providing the first truly reliable and complete Typepad to WordPress migration roadmap and service.

foliovision team 2013
Foliovision Team: Content, Design and Programming from left to right

We also build and maintain such complex WordPress sites as http://theshiksa.com (Tori AVey's cooking site with a WordPress based Amazon affiliate store attached), http://dcrainmaker.com (Ray Maker's leading sports equipment reviews site in WordPress with automated product tables, also built in WordPress), http://celebrityteenscoop.com (a very busy celebrity site with complex ad serving needs), http://lsminsurance.ca (a complex insurance site, entirely built in WordPress, including several different live online quote systems and the number one Canadian tax calculator), http://stagersource.ca (a furniture rental store with an open source inventory management system seamlessly integrated with an attractive WordPress front end and store).

We also help important news voices like Professor Juan Cole (http://juancole.com) keep their site online and get their message out to the world through the largest traffic spikes. We host, design and care for the the US National Soccer Players website, http://www.ussoccerplayers.com

Some of our plugins include FV Flowplayer (video), Thoughtful Comments (front end comment management for high traffic sites), Foliopress WYSIWYG (ckEdit for WordPress/SEO image manager), FV Antispam (stops bots dead on forms and comments and cooperates with Akismet for hand posted spam) FV Simpler SEO (client facing SEO plugin) and FV Gravatar Cache (speeds page loads for pages with hundreds of comments). We have provided up to date free maintenance as well as pro support for all of the above plugins for five years (or the length of their existence).

Our tagline is "Making the web work for you" and that is what we strive to live by every day in our WordPress work.

Devin Castle Foliovision offices 1280
Devin Castle next to Bratislava, home base for Foliovision

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