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Foliopress not working with some extensions in Chrome Solved 13 Robert W 1 year
Unable to upload images 9 Robert W 1 year
jetpack 4 Kamal S. Prasad 1 year
Conflict with BackupBuddy Solved 3 Linda Carter 2 years
Image Upload Button Missing 9 Kerry Kobe 2 years
Custom fonts, dropdown menus not working. 3 Mattias Hjalmarsson 2 years
Prevents "Plain text editing" from working 3 Bob R. 2 years
Custom toolbars gone after last upgrade 6 Matt Schlueter 2 years
After the upgrade to WP 3.3.1, the link button isn't working any more 3 hilz 3 years
The right-click menu doesn't show in the editor if you are too far down a page. 7 Manley 3 years
After hitting the Update button, all of the formatting is stripped. 8 Cheryl James 3 years
Image manager not working 12 Andy 3 years
Bug in _postmeta meta_key field 4 Linda Carter 3 years
Conflict with Dean's FCK Editor 2 Linda Carter 3 years
Class 'kfmSession' not found 3 Flavio 3 years
Editor width issues 4 Jose 3 years
Everything is Centered 2 Darren 4 years
Alternative wp-content location 2 fusse 4 years
Problem with empty paragraphs 2 Bodhi Goforth 5 years
Youtube issues in WPMU 2 Kenny 5 years