Dropbox doing a Gmail: drops support for unpaid users

If you use an unpaid dropbox account, be very careful. The support demands currently exceed supply and you are unlikely to get any help.

Dropbox Support, Feb 19 12:18 am (PST):


Thank you for your support request. Recently, we have been receiving a high volume of support requests and haven't been able to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time.

The volume of inquiries we receive on a daily basis prevents us from responding to all requests. Although requests from Pro and Teams users will be given priority assistance, we will do our best to get back to other inquiries when possible. If you are not a Pro or Teams user and you're looking to resolve your issue before we can respond, you may want to check out:


If you need to restore a large number of files and are unable to do so, please visit the following instructions to help us speed up the restoration for you:


If you are still experiencing problems, please reply to this message. We will try our best to get back to you, however we cannot guarantee a response. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

The Dropbox Support Team

We use Dropbox a lot and this is a worry for us.

dropbox drew houston
dropbox drew houston

No support for non-paid users happened with Gmail. I had a nightmare situation with my ex-girlfriend who got locked out of her Gmail account (we reported an intruder at which point Google locked her out). Only via the AdWords group (I managed a large account there at the time) were we able to get the personal attention necessary to unlock her Gmail account which otherwise was gone for good. Fortunately Google woke up and started to provide paid support to paid accounts.

What concerns me about Dropbox is that the company pricing is ridiculous. It's not based on total storage but on number of users. I don't want to buy my staff 100 200 GB accounts. They can get by on the same 10 GB or so of free storage but I'd like to have the ability to manage their accounts. The business unit at Dropbox is very small business unfriendly and inveterate spammers. Instead of creating clients, they are pushing us away from Dropbox.

Here's what it would cost to add just the core Foliovision team (those who actually turn up in our offices and/or work regularly with us):

dropbox business pricing
the crazy Dropbox business pricing, forcing 200 GB/user 
on hapless businesses: we are not file traders for crying out loud

There are a lot of other places I'd rather spend $3920 on our business. We spend less on New Relic which actually helps us improve our clients sites and our programming on a daily basis.

For that matter I don't want a 100 GB account for myself as well. All my computers are on SSD's now and most of them have at most 20 GB of available space for shared storage.

Non-existent support doesn't help either. Be careful out there.

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11 Responses to Dropbox doing a Gmail: drops support for unpaid users

  1. Noibs

    Absolutely right on all accounts.

    I’ve checked into Dropbox several times in the past to see if they’ve changed their fee structure. They haven’t, so I’m not a customer.

    I want more storage than free but not that much more…and therefore I shouldn’t have to pay much…but that’s not the Dropbox business model.

  2. dvh

    complaining about $8.33 / month ? Any storage you need up to 100 gigs. $99 / year. A bargain!

  3. Hi DVH,

    To bring our 30 person team on board would get us 6 Terabytes of shared storage we don’t need (maybe 1/6 of that) and an annual bill of $3920.


    Thanks but no thanks.

    For me personally, I go back and forth on signing up on the paid plan. I’d definitely be on board for 50 GB at $50/year or $60/year. Instead, I’ll probably go with the more secure Wuala which can be bought in increments as small as 30 GB (about what my computers can handle in terms of share storage).

  4. Patrick

    Hi Alec, don’t know what the problem is. If you run a business, what’s the problem with the few bucks. This way you can complain about all products available that are not actually 100% tuned to your personal needs.

  5. Hi Patrick,

    What few bucks are you talking about? I think I mentioned a minimum fee of $3920.

  6. David

    I think you are overdoing your indignation over this. Why don’t you get one account, create a folder for each user and share it to them. They could then get by with a free account.

  7. Dave

    $10/month/user is “a few bucks”. That’s what, an hour at minimum wage for each user?

    What you’re paying for isn’t the storage itself, but rather, the account manager, access to technical support, management console, plus some storage.

    If you can do it cheaper, go for it. A decent set of on-site fully redundant servers and the associated backup infrastructure will cost you more anyway.

    I agree that I wish Dropbox had smaller Team type accounts available, and I’d be happy with the Pro level of support, but the reality of it is that they have a business model that works.

  8. ethan

    in this world you never get something for nothing.

  9. Greg Coughlin

    I also wish that Dropbox offers smaller Team packages for SMBs. Currently, I am using Pro level which offers support as well. Furthermore, accounts are associated with the main company account (central document repository) and we have also integrated Dropbox with GroupDocs for easier access, sharing and collaboration of documents. This business model works for all of our employees based at different locations and working remotely is easier than ever.

    For example, task reports are shared and edited as desired using Dropbox storage and integration feature. You should check Groupdocs capabilities before ruling Dropbox out totally.

  10. daniela giovanna de ritis

    my camera folder are receiving photos not mine everytime i connect by dropbox. about 4.0 gb and are continuing now… Help me. Dropbox support and assistance doesn’t answer my help request.

  11. Raymond Davis

    I subscribed for the dropbox pro yesterday for the $9.99mo in which I paid but haven’t received my subscription. Since dropbox does not have customer service rep for dropbox pro wh9 can I get to resolve my issue because acct was debited for the service.

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