LinkedIn: Full profiles for 3rd-degree connections are available only to premium account holders.

On LinkedIn, have you seen the message?

Full profiles for 3rd-degree connections are available only to premium account holders.

The first couple of times I saw this I thought it had to be temporary glitch. At a time when everyone else is adding useful features, LinkedIn is taking them away.

It's not enough for LinkedIn to spam you to death and refuse to delete your LinkedIn account, they now have made their service next to useless.

Most of the time you cannot see what LinkedIn call 3rd degree connections. But not all of the time.

Most of the time LinkedIn 3rd degree connections are no longer visible but not all the time...

LinkedIn 3rd degree connection are SOMETIMES still visible

It's not clear to me why some full CV's are visible and some are not.

What's crazy is that in an unlogged browser the profiles are visible.

Here's a search for what's available when logged in to LinkedIn:

Google's linked in results do show the missing profile which you can't find in LinkedIn search!

Here's what you can see when you are not logged in and coming from Google.

Okay so the work around is to take the description from the top of the limited profile which LinkedIn will show you and search Google. In the case of Kelly Graham as noted above, it's Kelley G. Founder and Chief Instructor at UCB Program.

I can't understand why LinkedIn is mistreating its users. On top of it, LinkedIn has to keep offering the full public profiles to Google if LinkedIn want to keep expanding and getting search traffic.

Apparently it's push to force recruiters to ante up for an annual pro account. And there's a back end play on making job seekers pay for a monthly visibility account. This is foolishness, as LinkedIn's growth is driven by being useful to its end users and a congenial place to do basic research. Sure, encourage us to sign up for value-added features but not for the basics.

The underlying problem is LinkedIn is runny by a Tricky Dicky, Reid Hoffman, who's never cared about users anywhere he's worked. We are just raw meat to LinkedIn.

Instead of adding value for recruiters, LinkedIn is taking value away from users.

LinkedIn really a good idea gone very bad.

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3 Responses to LinkedIn: Full profiles for 3rd-degree connections are available only to premium account holders.

  1. Pradeep

    Seems like they feel they are strong enough to start milking their users- and no longer care if users are going to be pissed. This is usually when a company built by its users starts to decline.

    I think facebook is definitely smarter even though their stock is beaten up as a result.

  2. Madeline

    Hello, I had a linkedin connection to someone before that person got 3rd prenium. I am not connected anymore since that person got 3rd prenium.

  3. Me

    They will not leave me alone. I resigned, but I still get messages from them under the guise of someone trying to contact me. This has got to be illegal

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