People who buy iPhones are image-conscious fad-following idiots

“people who buy iPhones are image-conscious fad-following idiots”.

The words of Apple pundit John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame, not mine. But a pretty good summary of the situation.

Gruber was complaining about the brilliant Samsung Galaxy S II ad making the rounds. Here is the long version (1m25s) which you might otherwise miss. There's lots of additional clever repartee not in the airplay version: "I guess this is what adultery feels like," says one of the Apple fans in the queue with the Samsung Galaxy in his hands.

long form version of the brilliant Samsung ad

I'm one of the people who moved from iPhone to Android and is really happy about it. Here's why. I owned an iPhone 3GS. After the initial thrill of ownership wore off, I became very tired of:

  • being forced to update to the latest version of iTunes every week
  • having my mobile phone tied to my credit card and personal account at Apple, sending all the info in my mobile phone to Apple anytime Apple chooses
  • fighting with a virtual keyboard which fills most of the screen when you are using it
  • really slow network switching (I live on the border between Slovakia and Austria and need to switch networks often), usually requiring turning the iPhone on and off
  • having to hack the iPhone to be able to share the internet connection from the iPhone even to a Mac: and then to be worried that any given update could kill my tethering set up
  • looking at really lousy photographs, worse than my two year old Nokias

Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S II
iPhone 4g
iPhone 4G
HTC Desire Z
HTC Desire Z

After the iPhone, I bought an HTC Desire Z on a contract renewal and gave the iPhone to my girlfriend (strangely enough she likes it, as I'd already set her up with a MacBook a couple of years ago: she doesn't do much with a phone and liked its simplicity but could never really figure out the tethering).

The HTC Desire Z is so much better an experience than the iPhone:

  • I haven't had to even log in to Google in order to have a first rate experience.
  • The SIM card and account are only hooked up to my mobile provider and my private email (our own server) offering me far more privacy.
  • The slide out chiclet keyboard allows typing at about half normal speeds and is very accurate. I also enjoy the full resolution of my screen for viewing and writing while typing.
  • Network switching is relatively fast and doesn't require turning the Desire Z off (for bonus points to get internet working again - I have data turned off on when roaming - hit the Airplane mode setting and then turn wireless on again).
  • A Wifi hotspot app is built-in. Share your mobile internet connection and data plan with up to 8 devices. This really works well. It's my main internet connection when travelling now. You can even swap another carrier's card in when travelling abroad (I did this in Czech republic, switching from T-Mobile Austria to o2 in five minutes right in the store with no manual configuration necessary).
  • In fairness, I'm not sure photos are any better than the iPhone 3G and the movie mode is probably better in the iPhone.
  • Paying a normal contract fee, not an inflated iPhone contract. The difference is about €15/month or $25/month, i.e. $840 over the course of a two year contract. Paying taxes to the government is okay: they provide roads and schools. Paying taxes to Apple is just stupid: they don't provide different data than another telephone.

Samsung smartly shows iPhones are for pretentious wannabes who are behind the times. That Apple is trying to create a walled garden in the smartphone industry with their lawyers indicates just how accurate Samsung's television commercial is. The iPhone cannot complete on merit in the marketplace.

All in all, anyone who buys an iPhone at this point is an image conscious, fad following idiot. Android and the Android manufacturers are offering faster, more flexible and more reliable devices with a minimum of hype.

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39 Responses to People who buy iPhones are image-conscious fad-following idiots

  1. Anthony

    I disagree. There may be some people like the ones that you described, but there are things that the iphone can do that are not available on iphone.

    As a Small Businessman, I run my entire business off of filemaker pro. Unless someone came up with that app for android, I’m kind of stuck using an iphone(I am still using a palm treo 680 which has filemaker mobile and I will get an iphone as soon as I make my last 2 car payments) That in and of itself is a good reason to have the iphone. That one little app is important to me so I can access my customer and business database. So does that make me an image conscious, fad following idiot? I’ve been looking around the app store on itunes and see a few other apps that may or may not be on android. It’s all about the apps, and filemaker is an absolute requirement for me. Maybe if there was a copy of filemaker for android, things would be different, but you should probably think things through before you make a baseless claim like that. Sure, I can probably find plenty of idiots who own iphones, but then again, I can find idiots who use android phones.

  2. Fricfrac

    You FAndroids are really desperate – its sad when you have to misquote Gruber to construct a strawman argument. The rest is just personal preference – why the need for misinformed stupidity and lies?
    I doubt iPhone users will be bothered, so go ahead…stroke your own ego, you obviously need it.

  3. kubricklove

    “All in all, anyone who buys an iPhone at this point is an image conscious, fad following idiot. Android and the Android manufacturers are offering faster, more flexible and more reliable devices with a minimum of hype.”

    Your conclusion demonstrates you are no better than the marketing fantasies of both Apple and Samsung. Using a corporations commercials to bolster ones own bigoted and superficial ideas is at best, an exercise of a necrotic brain mind connection. There are real problems in this world and you take the time to make fun of the hundreds of millions of people that use one type of phone? How are you any different than the people you condescend to? How does your girlfriend feel being thought of as an idiot because she chooses to use your old phone? Were you a member of this special class of fashion conscious idiots when you bought your iphone? You sir come across as an unimaginative (using Gruber, word for word, out of context) arrogant ass, no better than the 200+ million people you seem to think are idiots. You should be embarrassed and ashamed for thinking you can spout this kind of bigoted nonsensical idiocy because a samsung commercial made you feel it was ok; And I thought my fellow Americans suffered from uninsightful diseased thinking. It turns out there is one man dancing on the border of Slovakia and Austria that can put all us “Mericans” to shame.

  4. ViewRoyal

    This type of advertising (trying to show up your competitor) works best when you are coming from behind, as in the Mac-PC commercials.

    Since Samsung claims to sell more phones than Apple, this ad comes off as Samsung’s insecurity about their lead.

    Besides, if it was an honest representation of iPhone owners in that ad, they would be making fun of the Samsung Galaxy S II for:

    – being a breeding ground for Android viruses;
    – not being sure if you will be able to upgrade your phone in a year;
    – the huge honking size of the phone;
    – the lesser battery life due to the large screen and 4G drain;
    – the lack of Siri AI assistant;
    – the lower quality apps;
    – less user friendly OS;
    – no free iCloud auto-syncing service;
    – and the tentative future of Android OS due to the infringement of intellectual property from Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

  5. Al

    Even an image conscious, fad following idiot knows that the iPhone 4S looks just like the year and a half old iPhone 4. Nope, fad following idiots are not there among the millions lining up and buying the iPhone 4S.

    They are buying the identical looking iPhone 4S because it’s the best damn smartphone on the market. Hell, even your 3 year old iPhone GS is still being sold and it is the #3 best selling smartphone in the USA. No fad conscious buying that phone either. It’s sad that a third generation iPhone is still outselling all Android models.

    Maybe, just maybe the iPhone experience is really that much better than the Android experience. In fact, the only thing missing in the iPhone experience is the need for Anti-virus software.

  6. immovableobject

    Gruber was simply paraphrasing the unstated message of Samsung’s TV ad. That quote, taken out of context as you have done, certainly does NOT represent his own personal opinion.

    Anyone that follows the link and reads his entire post will see that the point he was making was that Apple’s “I’m A Mac” campaign personalized and made fun of the PC, not PC users, while Samsung’s is insulting to actual iPhone customers.

    Nevertheless, you apparently agree with that message whole-heartedly.

    I think it is presumptuous and counter productive to generalize about the personality and motivations of ALL iPhone customers.
    I’m willing to believe that SOME people consider their phones a fashion statement first and foremost. But plenty of others buy an iPhone for no other reason than because it gives them what they want in the way of functionality and ease of use. People should buy whatever works for them.

    I’m the least image conscious guy you’ll find, but I certainly love using my iPhone.

  7. Ned

    Perhaps, but I am richer than you, even after I buy all that stuff, Apple fanbois make more money than droidoids…and that’s a fact Jack!

  8. Mel

    My what a nasty, shallow analysis of 100 million iPhone users. It’s been 4 years since the iPhone launched – that has to be the longest damn fad I’ve ever heard of – kind of flies in the face of the definition of the word wouldn’t you say?

    What I’d like to know is why are you even mentioning tethering in your anti-iPhone rant? The iPhone 4 does USB, Bluetooth and wifi tethering to multiple users without jail breaking all with the blessing of every cellular provider in Australia. If your favorite cell carrier doesn’t allow it, blame them not Apple.

    Being “forced” to update to the latest software all the time is funny considering the vast majority of Android users would kill to be able to stay current with the latest system updates, OS versions and security patches but you’re all held hostage by carrier crapware and manufacturers that don’t give a damn.  They would rather you buy a whole new phone and as a result most Android phones get no more updates less than halfway thru the typical 2 year contract – if that.

    Photo quality. At you really going to try using the camera quality as an argument considering the iPhone 4S 8 megapixel camera is consistently rated at or near the top of the heap in tems of image quality, camera speed to first photo, time between photos etc? The HDR feature and the fantastic Photostream cap off the features that help to make the phone the most popular camera in the world on sites like Flicker.

    If you’re going to complain about the seamless one-click purchasing experience of an Apple identity having big brother overtones, them you blooming well better be fuming at the CarrierIQ rootkit baked into the kernels of most Android phones, including those from HTC and Samsung. This sends far more info on just about anything you do and there’s no way to opt-out. 

    Oh dear I really shouldn’t have let myself be dragged in but your fact-free, bigoted rant just really got my goat.

  9. Nunuvyer Bizniz

    iPhone users feel no need to post articles hating on Android users. We really don’t care what you do with your life. We are happy with our iPhones. Very happy. So why do Android users post articles like this one, which is simply a hate screed? Are you really that desperate? Are you really so threatened by Apple’s success? Why do you even care? Why do Android users frequent the comments sections of posts about Apple products relentlessly posting hate & FUD? Get a life! Use your Android products. We really don’t care. But the personal attacks are getting old, and they just make you (and Samsung) look desperate.

  10. Thank you to those who left thoughtful comments. My response is in chronological order.

    • I haven’t needed any apps on my HTC Desire Z. The built-in browser and screen are good enough that I can either use the normal version of a website or the mobile version as an app.
    • If I had to do serious work on the road, I’d use my MacBook Air not a phone. Hence the Filemaker Pro case is a bit special.
    • KubrickLove, at least your torrent of abuse was amusing. My girlfriend doesn’t care about technology so she likes her iPhone. I will concede that the barrier to basic use on an iPhone is quite low. The iPhone was definitely a good first effort in the touchphone space.
    • ViewRoyal, the last place I want all my personal data is on iCloud and I’d rather talk to people than my phone (Siri nonsense). There is no tentative future for Android. Just a bunch of bullies circling. Apple is not an alternative, Apple is not a fan or friend of open source, Apple is the man now. And Steve Jobs was one of the great hypocrites to walk this earth. He talked about empowerment but sought to imprison us his whole life. At least Gates and his demon minions like Ballmer were honest about their dark intentions. Android will survive the bullies as it can always go fully open source.
    • Al, Apple computers and iOS are also vulnerable to malware at this point. We are all at risk.
    • immoveableobject, I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would line up to get a new version of a telephone. Kudos to Samsung for mocking cultish fanboism of certain Apple users (if you dig around in the archives you’ll find I’m an expert Apple user albeit a critical one). I agree that people should buy and use whatever suits them. But adults spending whole days standing in lines and obsessing about versions of iPhones is pathetic.
    • Ned, I’m really not sure you are wealthier than I am. I’m not a droidoid btw, I just happened to like my HTC Desire Z a lot better than I liked my iPhone.
    • Mel, Apple is collaborating with the carriers to provide inflated and limited packages for their iPhones.
    • Who the hell wants to have a telephone which requires updates all the time? I want a telephone which works and does what I need. The same thing applies to my computers. Apple Snow Leopard is probably the last Apple OS I will run. Most of our computers in Foliovision are still happily running 10.5.8. Apple is back on the dark path of planned obsolescence and downgraded usability for expert users.
    • Glad to hear that photo quality is good on the iPhone 4S. At least people are getting something for their time in line.
    • Thanks for the heads up on Carrier Rootkit. I will look into it. Again, I enjoy my HTC Desire Z without registering my phone or ever logging into Google with it. So IDing it would be rather difficult without carrier cooperation. On the other hand, if carriers are giving our data away to the powers that be, we are all on a sinking ship. That would be a good reason to give up smartphones and cellphones altogether. The situation may not be as bad in Europe: our privacy laws are quite a bit stronger. Alas, Microsoft has bought Skype so private communication has become a whole lot more difficult.
    • Nunuvyer, actually the Samsung ad is funny. Very, very funny. That’s it. I’m not sure where all the hate screed talk is coming from. In terms of Apple users, I’ve probably written more on Apple technology than you ever will. So I would hardly call myself threatened: more alarmed to see the walled gardens of Apple in the 80’s coming back up. If you’d like to be hostage to Apple, go right ahead. I’m for an open ecosystem based on choice.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to share your perspective.

  11. Mel

    You can buy an iPhone outright without a plan and then sign up for whatever plan you would prefer and thus avoid the carrier/Apple tax.

    So who wants software updates for their telephone? Anyone for whom their smartphone is more than just a telephone of course. Wehn you are holding a powerful personal computer in the palm of your hand capable of browsing the web and running hundreds of apps, you’d better damn well want to keep it updated with all the latest security patches not to mention all the fantastic new features enabled by new OS updates.

    Speaking of security, there are already 720 malware apps and exploits for Android including rootkits, premium SMS texters, spyware, zombie phishing apps etc that bog down your CPU, suck up your RAM, chew thru your bandwidth quota and empty your bank account according to MacAfee’s May 2011 Threat Report.

    In contrast, iOS suffers from none of this thanks to a curated store, no side-loading, sand-boxed signed apps and hardware encryption etc.

  12. Yaz

    “Android will survive the bullies as it can always go fully open source.”

    I thought it was already open & how is this a silver bullet? They still can’t just steal IP for the sake of expediency. Why is Android any different? Because you can buy the same hardware with a different logo slapped on the front? Android would never have happened in it’s current incarnation if the iPhone didn’t happen. If Apple goes away, Android would stagnate. It already lacks any original thought. There is no big idea behind Android. It’s a knock off phone & OS & a fragmented platform. If you are happy with it fine. There is no great functionality in Android that doesn’t exist on the iPhone. I guess easier to use is a negative in your book.

    Who the hell wants to have a telephone which requires updates all the time?

    Ummm it doesn’t require them. I think you understand that, yet still you make this idiotic statement. It adds to the functionality & extends the life of the product. Not to mention security updates, but yeah who needs those? I think most people would consider that a plus. Not you. You’re better than the rest of us. Smarter too! What a dick hole. You’re girlfriend is obviously the brains of the relationship.

    “I’m for an open ecosystem based on choice.”

    How wonderful! Let’s fire off a rocket! Maybe the next time you fire up your Webkit based browser! I’m for a journalist that is confident enough in his writing that he doesn’t resort to name calling to make him feel better about his choice in a phone? Really?

    “But adults spending whole days standing in lines and obsessing about versions of iPhones is pathetic.”

    Couldn’t agree more. So is assuming that everyone that uses that product is one of those people. That’s what you wrote. Not only that you took another bloggers remarks totally out of context. Explain that. How professional!
    Your words:
    All in all, anyone who buys an iPhone at this point is an image conscious, fad following idiot. Android and the Android manufacturers are offering faster, more flexible and more reliable devices with a minimum of hype.

    Try not being a weasel & stick to defending what you wrote & actually explain the more reliable part according to who? Malware writers? Where are the facts to even back this statement up. Apple is a the top of every customer satisfaction survey & by a long shot. Oh yeah, these people can’t think for themselves (you’re girlfriend included)…I forgot.

  13. paula

    1. “being forced to update to the latest version of iTunes every week”

    That’s just patent nonsense.

    2. If this is true (posted by someone above)

    “Gruber was simply paraphrasing the unstated message of Samsung’s TV ad. That quote, taken out of context as you have done, certainly does NOT represent his own personal opinion.”

    Then not only are you lacking integrity and journalistic ethics, but you should be working for the Romney campaign!

    If anyone doesn’t get that, it’s because Romney’s first big NH ad that attacks Obama, quotes him as saying his campaign has to run away from the economy. In fact, though, the quote comes from 2008 and Obama was quoting a McCain staffer! Same despicable mis-representation.

  14. Wow, the Apple cultists are really a vitriolic crowd.

    Mel, a great way to avoid all of these malware issues is stop downloading crap. As I pointed out, with its large screen and full slideout keyboard I can use full size web pages in my HTC Desire Z with little handicap. There’s no need for a whole slew of applications which would just be duplicating – in weaker form – what I have on my MacBook Air 11″.

    Not quite sure what Romney has to do with the price of tea in china. Not sure who is the bigger flip-flopper Romney or Obama. But that’s another discussion.

  15. Mel

    Alec, you insultingly proclaim we are all image-conscious, fad-following idiots. Did you truly not expect the same back at ya?

    It’s all very well to say Android users just need to avoid downloading crap. However, how is anyone let alone the normal consumer going to tell the difference between an official wholesome app or the same app that has been hacked to contain a malicious payload? There have been many examples of such malware apps hosted in the Android Marketplace for months before anyone discovered they contained a nasty surprise.

  16. Hi Mel,

    Repeat after me.

    I am not my phone. I am not Apple. Steve Job’s [very commercial] spirit does not live on in me. A smartphone is a tool, just a device.

    Feel any better?

    I have not had to visit the Android marketplace even once in order to have a fabulous experience with my HTC Desire Z. The built-in email IMAP client works great, the browser is fabulous, the maps application is perfect (although not hooked up to GPS by choice). That was not the case with the iPhone 3GS which needed all kinds of specially configured apps to work well with it’s small screen.

    If you are wondering what I believe in and who I am, here is what matters to me.

  17. Anthony

    I don’t see why the filemaker to go thing is so special. I don’t want to carry a laptop with me everywhere. I can’t just whip out the laptop while I am driving to my customer’s location. I prefer to add new customer information on the phone itself and search for customer information and not some bulky computer. It doesn’t make sense that just because YOU would use your laptop doesn’t mean that I want to carry it around. If I can do anything I need to do on the iphone with filemaker to go, why should I have to carry a laptop? It doesn’t make sense. Now, if there was a filemaker to go fir android, then I would get that one instead of the unlocked iphone I’m planning on getting. But man, not everyone is a techno guru and not everyone wants to deal with Android. The arrogance of your original post and response to my original post keeps reminding me of why I left the computer industry.

  18. Hi Anthony,

    Frankly I find the whole thing rather funny. I’ve owned a lot of Apple computers and own about fifteen of them now, three personally plus a Hackintosh.

    Amazingly enough I enjoy my Android telephone far more than the iPhone 3GS which I had and never really liked.

    If you enjoy typing out important customer notes on a flat glass screen virtual keyboard which covers most of the work area, more power to you.

    You have far more patience than I do for your gadgets. Get yourself a MacBook Air 11″ when you get the chance. It will change your life for the better.

    You might like to take an Android phone with it to create an instant Wifi hotspot to use in the field. Pity Jobs and co. don’t put a standard 3G slot (not itty bitty custom 3G) into the MacBook Air 11″.

    Making the web work for you, Alec

  19. ant

    IPhone user… you will never admit you made the wrong choice

  20. Joe DC

    I will never understand the mindset of people like yourself !! Why do you feel
    the need to knock Apple ?? I ownto to go with at least 6 or 7 Apple devices , they ALL
    Work , All the time , not wanting to use , or patronize a company is one thing ,
    But knocking a quality company for really no legitimate reason is another …

    The biggest complaint I hear from people , is how Apple controls everything you
    do , What people fail to understand , that is the exact reason WHY you don’t
    encounter many problems , their products just flat out work ….

    Example : I bought a MacBook pro last month , in 20 minutes , I had everything
    Synced , one cable , iTunes , no problem . Not to mention the quality
    Build on it .. I was astounded !!

    Apple sells 925 iPhones every 60 seconds , I have two of them , never a problem!!! Starting to see a pattern here ??

    Not to mention what iTunes and the iPod did to the music industry , I don’t
    Have enough space to write. LOL !!!

    I’ve had a few Android devices , yes , you may have more options , though not
    many , I really don’t miss flash terribly , their app store is inferior in comparison
    to Apple , sorry , NO Contest !!! You buy or download an app , it works. Always !!!!! No ” force close ” no ” not responding “, If you’re with android , you’re
    very familiar with these terms ….

    So , I ask , why must people knock quality ????

  21. Hi Joe,

    That’s funny that you never have any trouble with your Apple products. I guess you just haven’t been a Mac user long enough.

    * MacBook Pro 17″ 2.5 GHz with 8600GM motherboard, fried: despite release about recall/replacement, no action from Apple
    * bad memory in my sister’s MacBook Pro 13″ 2.5 GHz
    * bad hard drive in my own MacBook Pro 13″ 2.4 GHz
    * bad push button in my girlfriend’s iPhone
    * bad thermal paste job in my MacBook Pro 15″ i7 2.2 GHz (the fan runs constantly)

    Hardly a record of faultless quality. Apple computers used to be expensive and really high quality. Now they are just expensive.

    I’ve written whole articles about how it is nearly impossible to move iTunes ratings between versions (deliberate to force you to upgrade to the latest bloatware and spyware versions of iTunes).

    Apple’s quality is much overrated at this point and the stock is heading for a bloodbath at some point in the next two years.

    With illiterate defence of Apple like the above, I’m reminded of:

    a. the Dutch tulip craze
    b. the New York investment rule: when your cabby starts recommending a stock, it’s time to get out of that stock and probably the market

    At this point, I’d have trouble picking between the two villains, Microsoft and Apple.

    Would you prefer to spend the night with a murderer or a rapist?

  22. mark palovic

    people just buy iphones because everyone else has one. everywhere i look there are just iphones everywhere, i hardly see HTC phones or samsung phones. Plus iphones arent the best they are actually bad because they are just basic phones, people are just too lazy to put at least some effort to use other phones like samsung galaxy s 2.

  23. Jesse

    This guy is great! points out the reasons and sorry excuses that iphone users have just to avoid saying ” its easy, and im scared of moving to something better”. You people are rolling around with the same crap that everyone else has. Does anyone want to be origional?

    NO! They enjoy wasteing their hard earned money on a phone that is the same as the one 2 years old.
    And hell, now the 5 is out and apple is charging you dumb people for a adapter cable so you can use the old iphone equipment you already purchased and invested in their pockets????? You ppl are mindless

  24. dawg

    Ya u guys are dumb. Android is better than iOS. This is non debatable.

  25. Hey Dawg,

    I own three Android telephones with two active and would not consider using an iPhone. On the other hand, even I consider the subject debatable. If the iPhone came with a hardware keyboard, I would consider it (although I really don’t like the whole iTunes mess and forced updates). What is cool about Android is you can happily/easily stay stuck on Gingerbread 2.3.4 and your telephone keeps working quickly and efficiently with an OS catered to its hardware.

  26. James Tiberius

    There are idiots everywhere, especially in 21st Century America.

    You could always do what I do:

    Never needed one, never had one, never wanted one.

    Or as I’d like to put on a T-Shirt: “Real Men don’t need cell phones” or portable anything. You want to see and experience the real world? You want to be Uninterrupted? You’ve got a Mind and Intelligence of your own?

    Who the hell needs to be in Constant Communication with everyone? My parents and my grand parents didn’t. Neither do I.
    If I want to talk to someone I’ll do it in person or through my home’s wired phone.

    And how about: You don’t want to piss your money down the drain because you’re Not status-conscious and craving attention.

    I’ve saved my money all my life, wisely invested it, drove moderate cars, never paid for bottled water, never had GPS.

    I’m also going to be retiring soon when I reach 50. Because I’ve got my act together and my life savings is A-OK.

  27. Rocwurst

    @James Tiberius
    And don’t forget to say “get off my lawn!”
    *rolls eyes*

  28. William

    My phone company gives me new phone every
    6 months as part of the plan I am on, so I had a
    chance to have a look at iPhones, HTCs, Sony,
    Samsungs, all of them top of the range, and I still
    prefer my old trusty Nokia with Symbian. It does
    everything I need as an “mobile office”, has still
    the best camera in business and 1 full battery
    charge lasts the whole 7-8 days with heavy use.
    Smart phones with touch screen have all just
    become “must have because everyone else
    has one”. In the last few years I dropped my
    Nokia on the hard ground at least 10 times and
    nothing happened to it – try to do the same with
    your fancy smart phones and you’ll find they are
    not so smart after all. Newer is not always better.

  29. idiot

    Actually, had all available phones over last 4 years and iphone is the most reliable of them all, occasional restart (like once a year or so) is all I ever get. Droid sucked the most. All other phones gave me constant bugs and weird stuff, restarts, pocket texting, etc. Apps? I have a laptop computer for work, phones ARE a toy and are not really a tool beyond calendar notifications, almost ANYTHING available for phones “productivity” bullshit is better done on a computer and it’s not hard to carry one on you these days. Doing your work on your phone is kind of retarded in intself. And there is no arguing with a retard, he’ll just drag you down to his/her level. (Lol to the last comment on Nokia, I actually use one for my business trips out of the country, that phone fell from the 3rd story once and it’s still alive and kicking)

  30. Good comment.

    “Almost ANYTHING done on a phone can be done better on a computer.”

    My HTC Gingerbread Desire Z (brace of them for my two countries) keep on rocking on while my Sony Xperia S Android 4 lies unloved in a drawer. I can’t believe how these OS companies are just making our lives more complicated for the last three years.

    I wouldn’t want to give up a hardware keyboard on my phone (for texting and quick business emails on the road) but the main reason I pack modern hardware is to effortlessly set up Wifi hotspots when travelling.

  31. Joe Momma

    LOL Apple fanboys are hilarious. Anyone who jumps to the defense of a corporation in the manner seen in this comments section, is truly indoctrinated and a total idiot. Getting mad because someone made fun of your cell phone, what a bunch of sanctimonious douchebags. Hilarious though.

  32. It’s amazing how intolerant, ignorant and stupid some of the pro-iphone comments are on this site. I agree with Joe Momma most iphone users are a bunch of douchebags who think they are better then everyone else because they own that piece of junk. And to the guy stuck on Filemaker pro, get a clue export the data to another database and dump your mac crap for a real computer system.

  33. Hey Mystery,

    There’s nothing wrong with Filemaker Pro. It’s a great program which allows one to create complex relative databases with ease. You can generally get Filemaker Pro to create an html/web version which is universal. Maybe Apple remove that functionality later. Dumbing down and going proprietary has been their trademark for the last four years.

  34. Paul

    iPhones 1 thru to 6 still can’t transfer a song to my computer or android phone via bluetooth. This is a simple thing even a 10 year old clamshell phone can do. Apple is a jail that says we want allow such treachery. I can take a full HD video copy it to a usb flash drive straight fron my android phone. I can send it to nan who doesn’t own any apple or android devices but she has a large screen tv, she puts the flash drive in I posted to her. Freedom of doing things so many different ways that is impossible on an iPhone…

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  36. Natalie Grace

    I agree. All the people writing extensive arguments are obviously just offended at the fact that someone proved that their iPhone purchase is a bad financial and technological decision. Just defending their tiny little egos. Samsung phone’s clearly have the best user interface among many other things. Samsung is most likely the best choice for anyone looking for a new phone, of course that varies slightly based on personal preference and needs of the phone.

  37. Harry A Hole

    HTC users are no different. “Ooh look I have an extra speaker!” as if that makes up for being a bony dog armed nerd.

  38. Marty Bullock

    I sell MacBooks and iMacs and I can confirm that the majority of the morons are buying them are buying them out of the name & the name alone. The others are image-conscious, self-absorbed women, teen-agers, & hipsters such as those featured in the Samsung video. Example: the New Macbook; a 1,200/1,500 dollar machine which I have sold four of since its release, all to women. Why did they choose an ssd device with no peripheral input/outputs over a pro/air with equal if not better performance at a lower price? Because the new Macbook comes in “Gold”…

  39. pother

    @Ned “Perhaps, but I am richer than you, even after I buy all that stuff, Apple fanbois [sic] make more money than droidoids…and that’s a fact Jack!”-Ned

    Not to be personal, but do you know the person you replied to? Since you proclaimed to be richer & in such a condescending manner, I sure hope you’re a friendly rival.

    As for the part about iPhone users being richer:

    Seems to me your logic is inverted. It’s as if your saying the iPhone somehow makes its consumers richer. As if you had claimed more members of private clubs are richer than members of public clubs. Which is a fact, but their membership status is not the cause of their riches, rather the other way around.

    The reason more iPhone users are richer is because the entry fee is higher. Apple has nothing to do w/ increasing one’s net worth simply because they own an Apple product. & for that matter, one’s bank account does not make anyone better than others, nor does the choice of one’s phone. Whether iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows… Whether smartphone or feature phone, or landline-only… Whichever the preference, it’s up to the individual to decide what works for them. & in the case of phones, most people can get by w/ just the basics (i.e. calls & maybe texts). I enjoy my smartphone choice because it suits me. If other individuals have a differing opinion, they are welcome to it. I’m glad there is freedom of choice.

    Not everyone is a robot.
    Not everyone eats fruits.
    Not everyone opens the glass.
    Some are willing to put faith in the cloud & pay those monthly fees & more for internal storage; that’s fine.
    Others see the cloud as dark & are uncomfortable w/ giving up SD-card support, their rights, & more money; that’s fine.
    Some rich people spend less on a phone than those who are less fortunate.
    If one has a say in what phone they use, then they have plenty to choose from.

    PS: I understand your [Ned’s] post is almost 4 yrs old, but it bugs me. I also understand you [Ned] will likely never see my response, but I’m compelled to comment nonetheless; perhaps someone will see my comment, & find it interesting (worth it).

    Also: ‘rich’ is a subjective term, both when describing people, & when describing an individual’s phone experience.

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