Quality Directory Lists

Our clients are ready for another round of SEO.

One component we will be doing more of in this round is directories. It's too tedious and slow to have someone senior do it.

There are lots of directory submission services.

But you want to be sure to be applying to directories worth being listed in.

Here is a very good list of directories which are mainly pay for play.

Here is another list of quality directories which are mainly free.

For project preparation, you should fill in the data in the form at addurl.nu for each site for which you are creating a directory campaign.

Another huge concern with a directory campaign is having too many links come online at the same time. One can count on the search engines not to index all the directories at the same time so that the new links will appear more gradually, especially on the more obscure regional categories.

On the other hand, it would make sense to go through a hundred directories per month to avoid any sudden surge.

Even with these vetted lists, I worry that too many of them wouldn't pass my own bad neighbourhood test.

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