FV WordPress Plugins


Our plugins are listed below in approximate order of importance. Many know and love our FV Flowplayer as the best solution for publishing video in WordPress.

Plugins which you might not know include FV Thoughtful Comments which moves comment administration from the back end to the front end and makes services like Disqus and IntenseDebate superfluous. If there was one Foliovision plugin which I couldn't live without or replace, it would be FV Thoughtful Comments.

Our FV Simpler SEO is the most attractive, lowest CPU load. safest and easy to use SEO plugin out there for WordPress. We created it when SemperFi couldn't be bothered to answer emails or forum posts or fix XSS vulnerabilities in the SEO All in One plugin he'd taken over. We made it much better in the process.

FV Clone Screen Options helps anyone running a multiple author WordPress site make sure that everybody gets the right screen options (it will save you a lot of client questions and broken posts!).

If you choose to include gravatars on your site, FV Gravatar Cache will make your site run much faster, while FV Descriptions make mass editing of Descriptions and Titles very, very easy and much faster.

FV Testimonials is a plugin we use intensively internally for client sites and this one but have only recently publicly released. Sample testimonials. If testimonials are what you need and you are on WordPress, FV Testimonials is for you.

For a long time our Foliopress WYSIWYG was the best text editor and light gallery plugin for WordPress. Years later the built-in WordPress tools are largely adequate.


Making the web work for you,

Alec, Martin, Peter, Zdenka

Full List of Our WordPress Plugins

  1. FV Feedburner Replacement Creates a landing page for your feed subscription and out of the box working newsletter subscription form. FV Feedburner Replacement
  2. FV Top Level Categories A solution to your Top Level Categories problems in WordPress 3.1.
  3. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded Better Unsubscribe Single click unsubscribe from Subscribe to Comments Reloaded subscriptions. Much needed plugin. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded Better Unsubscribe
  4. True WordPress WYSIWYG: Foliopress Foliopress WYSIWYG is the editor you were always hoping for, every time you installed a new content management system. True WordPress WYSIWYG: Foliopress
  5. FV Simpler SEO: Intelligent Defaults Attractive and easy to use interface with intelligent defaults which will not harm your site. Far better for clients. FV Simpler SEO: Intelligent Defaults
  6. FV Thoughtful Comments A WordPress front-end comment moderation system. Life changing simplification of comment moderation. Makes Disqus and IntenseDebate irrelevant and superfluous. FV Thoughtful Comments
  7. FV Antispam Powerful and simple antispam plugin. Puts all the spambot comments directly into trash and let's other plugins (Akismet) deal with the rest. FV Antispam
  8. FV Clone Screen Options FV Clone Screen Options let's you go into a weblog and configure all of the Screen Options for one user and then clone them across all users. FV Clone Screen Options
  9. FV Gravatar Cache If you choose to use gravatars on your WordPress site, FV Gravatars will make your site load much, much faster, even if you are using advanced caching plugins. FV Gravatar Cache
  10. FV Descriptions Mass edit descriptions for every post, page or category page. Supports post excerpt, Thesis and All In One SEO meta description fields. FV Descriptions
  11. FV Testimonials Easily manage client testimonials on your WordPress site. Includes categories and photos. FV Testimonials
  12. Filled-in Extensions WordPress filled-in plugin extensions
  13. UrbanGiraffe WordPress Filled In 1.7.3: PHP Mailer version Filled In plugin from John Godley, but repaired. Swift mailing system replaced by more portable and functional PHPMailer
  14. FV WP Link Robot WP Link Robot is an advanced Link Directory managment system with backlink checking and SEO status information about your partners' sites. FV WP Link Robot
  15. Affable Links FolioPress Affiliate is a plugin to handle affiliate links easily in posts and pages. It's especially written to be friendly to both search engines and end users.
  16. Foliopress Embedded Menus Pro Foliopress Embedded Menus Pro offers serious voodoo to WordPress to help pro shops would need to be able to use WordPress as a heavy duty static site CMS.
  17. Embedded Menus Plugin Embedded Menus is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to embed an automatically generated page menu inside a WordPress page.
  18. FV Edit Templates This plugin will make your post editing screen look very nice and simple. Hide all the weird fields and forms you don't know what they are for. FV Edit Templates