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Imagine you just moved your site over from some other blog to WordPress and you want to do the basic SEO optimization - adding meta descriptions. Or you just want to review all the old meta descriptions you wrote for your posts. Or maybe you discovered the magic of SEO just recently.

And of course you realize there's no point on generating these descriptions automatically. You need to hand edit them.

Going back posts by posts and checking the desired meta description/excerpt fields for each of them is just too much mouse clicking. You click open the post in new window, read it, scroll until you find the right field and enter you new nice meta description in there.

Or you just use FV Descriptions to ease up your work. It's a simple plugin which allows you to mass edit the description fields of your choice.

fv descriptions 1
FV Descriptions

The choices are:

  1. All In One SEO 1.6.2 - this applies to all the new All In One SEO versions, including FV All in One SEO 1.6.7
  2. All in One SEO - for the older versions
  3. thesis_descriptions - for the Thesis theme
  4. post_excerpt - default WordPress field

Of course it's not only the posts that have these fields, so you can edit the pages' and categories' descriptions too!


Download this plugin now: FV Descriptions 1.2


WordPress 2.7+

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