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For years we offered our clients a wonderful plugin we had written ourselves, called FV Edit Templates.

What FV Edit Templates did was provide a custom edit screen. We found the default WordPress edit screens far too complex and confusing. While originally the Edit Templates were a client driven project, we found that we preferred them ourselves.

Then along came WordPress 2.7. Finally an admin interface worthy of the WordPress project. But our Edit Templates were written for the 2.5 and lower WordPress. We gave Edit Templates up reluctantly and encouraged our clients to customise their own edit screens.

For our high end clients we even went in there and copied our standard settings across all users via the database with a remote MySQL client (in our case SequelPro). That worked well enough but was a pain in the neck for the several Typepad to WordPress jobs we release almost every week.

So we finally decided to sit down and do something about it.

FV Clone Screen Options let’s you go into a weblog and configure all of the Screen Options (Screen Options exist for Posts, Pages and the Dashboard) just as you like and then clone them across all users.

Even new registered users on your site will get these settings.

A huge time saver. Enjoy!

fv clone screen options usage 2
FV Clone Screen Options Screen. Simple and effective.


What values are actually cloned?

Screen Options are stored as a user meta values with following names, so that’s what this plugin is cloning for all the users:







Plugin can be downloaded from WordPress.org. Don’t forget to checkout our WordPress.org plugin page too.

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