Foliovision Tools

The Foliovision Tools section will include both WordPress and SEO Tools. Currently we are building these tools but some are almost ready and will be launched shortly.

WordPress provides the backbone for this site and all our client sites.

We still have a few stragglers in Blogger and but it's just a matter of time.  We cut our PHP teeth on Mambo and wrote our first and perhaps our greatest plugin for Mambo, Embedded Page Menus.

If you are building websites and you don't use WordPress yet, you should.

A full range of useful SEO tools will be available to registered users of

We've published our first major SEO tool, an article spinner which will spin articles for both Blog Kahuna and MyArticleNetwork, a.k.a. ArticleAutomatation formats, as well as standard text/html format. It's really useful, give it a try.

News will be posted in the weblog.

In the past, don't miss our extended review of WebCEO, one of the hammers in our toolbox.

But before any software we highly recommend buying and reading Aaron Wall's SEO Book.

SEO Book will save you time and money. Guaranteed. It might just help you put your site in the top ten.

5 Responses to Foliovision Tools

  1. Srini Venkat

    When are you guys planning to release the SEO tools?

    Any discounts on Web CEO or SEO Book? ;)

  2. Srini

    Thanks for responding Alec.

    Are these tools going to be available for a cost? Do you have a preview? Just FYI, I do professiinal backlink building and SEO so I would be very interested in any backlink counters or such tools that you have..

    I am not that interested in Web CEO actually. I have IBP 10 and happy with it.


  3. Hello Srini,

    We’ve built so many of these tools now, but we are so busy that we never seem to have enough time to do up the documentation properly and release them.

    We do have discounts available for WebCEO (email me). I don’t think there are discounts for SEOBook, but I would highly recommend joining Aaron’s program anyway. Stunningly good information there on everything from link building to avoiding technical penalties.

  4. Ultimatedemon

    I am also interested, have you guys released the new SEO tools yet, If so where can i get the information on buying and purchasing.


  5. Hi Demon,

    We’ve built lots of tools but use most of them internally. Our article spinner has just been refreshed (although we don’t spin articles anymore).

    And most importantly if you are using WordPress, our FV Simpler SEO and our FV Descriptions are great SEO plugins that are guaranteed not to hurt your rankings unlike some other WordPress SEO plugins.

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