Computers and OS

Computers are an unfortunate necessity of modern life.

The Good Side of Computers

A properly tuned computer can make a month-long calculation or drafting or accounting job take place in mere seconds.

Every day computers are out there saving lives and helping make beautiful films.

The Bad Side of Computers

With this much power, comes great responsibility. And computers are in no position to moderate their power. They are just very powerful tools.

Working with these inert tools can become an overwhelming task which locks a person away from the entire world and all of human sentiment. Through osmosis, he or she becomes a collection of emotionless and distant organic bytes.

I am sure you all know individuals like this.

I know a number of women who have lost their marriages, not over infidelity to another woman but to the absence of the man as he sinks into a digital world not of his own making.

Frankly I would have been happy to have lived in an age before computers, before radio, before television, even before the motor car.

On the other hand, I would not like to have missed out on railroads, the printing press, artificial light and indoor plumbing.


To be successful, all but the most exceptional singers or violinists will have to learn to live with computers.

This section is about how to make living with computers easier. The first step is silence.

Section Contents

  1. Hardware The start of a voyage deep into the world of silent computing. Making your hardware perform better.
  2. Windows A kind of how to stay alive and use Microsoft Windows without a five man Microsoft certified IT department.
  3. Multi-platform

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