Foliopress WYSIWYG Changelog

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  1. Current Version
    FTP file uploads compatibility with SEO Images Toolbar and dropdown menu customization. Image management works in Safari.

  2. Version 0.5
    Wordpress 2.7 compatibility, WP media buttons added, wpautop runned on posts that need it before editing.

  3. Version 0.4
    Options page change, improved image creation, FCKEditor plugins to enhance its functionality.

  4. Version 0.3
    Options page separated into basic and advanced setup, speed improvements for whole Foliopress WYSIWYG.

  5. Version 0.2
    Easier installation of Foliopress WYSIWYG, enhanced options page, enhanced file details in KFM, special SEO directory for thumbnails.

  6. Version 0.1
    Options page, custom KFM skin, Lightbox wrapper, custom and managable css and config file for FCKEditor

Future Features:

  • Automatic cleaning of database for deleted and unused files
  • Thumbnails will be controlled in both dimensions if user will set it up
  • Additional Compatibility of SEO Images component with TinyMCE
  • Automated backup and restore of user config files


  • Wraps FCKEditor
  • Includes plugins for FCKEditor:
    - foliopress-clean 0.1
    - Enhanced KFM
    - kfmBridge
    - foliopress-wp
  • Nice options page

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