SEO Images Illustrated End User Guide

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Here's an illustrated guide on how to use WordPress's best and most SEO friendly image editor, SEO Images - part of Foliopress WYSIWYG.

If you want to have the best experience with Foliopress WYSIWYG you must first ensure it's properly configured with your WordPress theme- check out the installation guide or speak to your website administrator.

  • Log in into your WordPress Administration panel. It's or
  • Hit Add New in the WordPress Administration menu
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 01
    Add a New Post
  • Write post title, post content and select the proper category. You should also write the description for the post, which will be used by search engines. Make it short and catchy, describing what's the post about.
    (the description field displayed in the screenshot is provided by one of our plugins; there might be some more boxes displayed)

    foliopress wysiwyg guide 02
    WordPress post editing screen
  • Click into the text where you want your image to be inserted and then hit Quick Insert Image button in the toolbar and a image management window will appear
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 03
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Inserting image
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 04
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Image Management
  • Navigate through the directories and upload your image files
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 05
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Image Management
  • You might want to create some subdirectories to keep your images in order. We recommend using year/month directories (e.g.: /2009/11/image.jpg)
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 06
    Create a reasonable directory structure for images
  • You can check out image details by moving your cursor over it
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 07
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Image Management
  • Right click the image and select a size of thumbnail which will be sent to the post. In case you don't want to use the thumbnail, just select Send to post.
    If you want to have some different thumbnail sizes available, you can change it in the plugin options.

    foliopress wysiwyg guide 08
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Image Management
  • Close the image management window or just switch back to your browser window to see the inserted image. You can leave it open, just move the cursor in the post and then insert another image there.
    You might want to rewrite its caption.

    foliopress wysiwyg guide 09
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Image inserted
  • You can align the image (note that your theme must contain the proper classes; check out installation guide)
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 10
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Image alignment step 1.
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 11
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Image alignment step 2.
  • You can add some heading with ease.
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 12
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Adding headers
  • You can add some extra styling to the text (please review check out installation guide on how to add move styles into drop-down menu).
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 13
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Styling
  • Lists and blockquotes are also provided:
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 14
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - List and blockquotes step 1.
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 15
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - List and blockquotes step 2.
  • This is how you add a link:
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 16
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Add a link step 1.
  • Write the link URL. You might want to change the link target to open in new window.
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 17
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Add a link step 2.
  • If your theme supports it, you can add a Read More tag which will break the article into two parts. The first part will be displayed on the frontpage together will the "Read More" link, linking to the full article.
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 18
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Read More
  • If you want to remove the styling, follow these steps:
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 19
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Remove styling step 1.
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 20
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Remove styling step 2.
  • You can also remove the heading with ease, just select Normal paragraph:
    foliopress wysiwyg guide 21
    Foliopress WYSIWYG - Remove styling step 3.
  • The last step is to Publish the article.

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