WordPress is the core of our business and the underpinnings of our Foliopress Publishing System. You will find some very rich resources to this wonderful open source framework on our site.


  1. FV Plugins: Professional Installation and Configuration
    Inexpensive and professional service. Be back up and running the same day.

  2. WordPress Tutorial Videos for Foliovision Clients

  3. FV WordPress Plugins
    Our plugins are listed in order of importance, including Foliopress WYSIWYG the best text editor and light gallery plugin for Wordpress and FV Flowplayer for video.

  4. Shared.css Framework
    Shared.CSS is a framework we've created to manage typography across all client sites. We are sharing the documentation here for our team and our clients.

  5. WordPress How To Guides
    Our guides to making Wordpress do what you want faster and easier.

  6. WordPress Plugin Reviews
    We use a lot of plugins in our client sites. But less than you might imagine. This guide will show you the best of the best among Wordpress plugins, with detailed explanations and numbered ratings.

2 Responses to WordPress

  1. Charles

    Is your Foliopress WYSIWYG with the Thesis Premium WordPress theme?

  2. Hi Charles,

    Yes, Foliopress WYSIWYG is fully compatible with Thesis. So is our FV All in One SEO Pack (just use our SEO functionality and not that of Thesis or alternatively just use Thesis). As is FV Descriptions.

    Cheers, Alec

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