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  • Following the most recent update to 2.1, in addition to the other problems I’ve listed. The player does not work at all in CHROME or INTERNET EXPLORER. Instead the Splash images is show at about 3x it’s normal size and there is not player at all.

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  • I get HTML 5 VIDEO FILE NOT FOUND in Internet Explorer. I am looking for the downgrade too.


    Hi Bryan and Chanell,

    We will look at your issues individually. It’s probably an issue of your media.

    Could you direct us to some pages where there we can see the issues.

    Of course we have tested the most recent version of this plugin before release. Your issues are anomalies but we’d like to get them fixed ASAP.

    If you’d like to revert to the most recent version, you can download it here.

    For your future reference, all previous versions of all WordPress plugins are available under the Developer tab.

    Making the web work for you, Alec

    Hello Alec,

    I have since converted back to the previous version of the player. My sites get far too much traffic to leave something up that isn’t working properly, I’m sure you understand.

    I did extensive testing on two different sites with completely different set ups on different servers and had the same issues right out of the box. I also tested on all browsers using different forms of media (flv, mp4) to see if there was a difference.

    I have updated to 2.1.1 and I am having the same issue where my videos will not play in IE9.

    Hello all,

    after further discussion with Andy we found the reason – the mime type is badly reported by some of the servers and then IE9 and 10 is confused and won’t play.

    Read about fixing in our FAQ, it’s question about Internet Explorer 9 and 10. This covers various servers, including Amazon AWS (if you uploaded with bad mime type).

    It’s really a glitch in HTML5 implementation in various browsers and we want to put in a check for this into our plugin. Unfortunately these limitations doesn’t appear very well written on


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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