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  • Hi,
    I LOVE this plugin! Great for displaying videos (inside a WP membership site) sitting in my Amazon S3 account. THANKS for making it available.
    Question – how can I get rid of the centering? I looked for css code someone mentioned back in 2009 (above) but could not find anything.
    Thanks for any assistance you can provide!


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  • Hi Bentley,

    We’re glad you like our plugin!

    The centering is set at the very top of the flowplayer.css file, in the flowplayer_container class.
    It is the line “margin: 0 auto 0 auto !important;”.
    Comment the line out to get default alignment.


    Thanks very much!
    Worked like a charm :-)



    I wish to have the video “centered.” How do I do that?


    Hi Raymond,

    the video is centered by default. If your video is not centered you should check your css. Your own styles probably override our styling.


    Hi Zdenka,

    That was prompt! Thanks alot but how and where do I check?


    Hi Raymond,

    if you are user of Firefox you can discover all styling applied using FireBug, Safari & Chrome have build in web developer tools. You have to understand at least basic css to discover the conflict.


    is the Version : 1.2.16 is comptable with wordpress 3.3.1

    thanks for

    How to mofify align of splash play button ?


    Hello cacf,

    yes, FV WordPress Flowplayer is compatible with latest wp.

    The play button is positioned at two places. The centering is located in the floawplayer css file, right at the beginning of the file in the .flowplayer_container class.

    The vertical alignment is done in the /models/flowplayer-frontend.php (line 75, starting with $splash = …). To modify the vertical position modify top: round($height/2-45) to your custom value.

    Please be very careful is you decide to change the php file. Any mistake would cause the plugin to stop working properly. Watch out especially for syntax mistakes.


    Hi I am trying to align a single video left but cant get it to work, I am using the following code.

    <div style=”float: left”>
    [flowplayer src=]

    Love the Plugin by the way!


    Hi Mark,

    You should hire a CSS designer then or you can open a pro support incident:

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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