• I’m currently developing a multi-author site, and I’ve chosen your plugin for our WYSIWYG editor. But the authors would like the ability to use Markdown Extra as well. It’s working with Foliovision WYSIWYG just fine, except for a few problems:

    Authors wanting to use Markdown have to turn off WYSIWYG in their profiles, and if they’re logged in and look at a post authored in Markdown, when the WYSIWYG is turned on, the layout might be mangled.

    If WYSIWYG is not turned off in the profile, numbered lists won’t work after a paragraph break, and footnotes won’t work.

    Is this a known issue? We want to allow less techy authors to be able to write (no editorial staff exists) but we want the slightly more tech-oriented people to be able to use Markdown if they wish.

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  • Alec

    Hi Tracey,

    With editors, you have to make a choice. Either WYISWYG/html or Markdown or Textile.

    The issue is with your Markdown plugin. You have to make your Markdown plugin read html and convert it back to Markdown. When Markdown saves a post it needs to convert it to html.

    I.e. to use Markdown or Textile, the alternative language has to include a reliable two-way converter. That way the posts are always saved in a single language (html) which is easily converted back and forth.

    Let me know if you have any luck with this. I’d like to have html/textile markup compatibility myself.

    But even as a inveterate textile writer, I have no problems using Foliopress WYSIWYG as all the core textile functions (numbered and unnumbered lists) are right there in the menu bar as buttons. Much easier for a textile or markdown user to use the WYSIWYG than for the non-technical writers to try to write in special markup.

    Those are the kind of usability sacrifices the technical writers have to make on shared sites. Comes with the territory.

    Hello Tracey,

    I spoke to Alec a bit more about your issue.

    We think that the Markdown plugin should be disabled by default and functional only if the post is marked as a Markdown post.

    We can add a nice interface for this function, if you can provide a good tested piece of code which will disable the Markdown plugin when editing the post and also a piece of code which will disable it when displaying the post (so the Markdown won’t touch the normal HTML posts).

    That way, your advanced users would be able to click a checkbox saying “this is a Markdown post” and our editor would not interfere with it.


    We’re almost at launch, so the code will have to come later. But thanks for the suggestion, and I hope to get back with you later on it.

    Does this look like it would work to you:


    Hi Tracey,

    That looks like a good solution. Let us know how it goes. Markdown on Save may work out of the box without any changes.

    I will! Now if there was only something like After the Deadline that would work with Foliovision, we’d have the killer application for serious writers.


    Hello Tracey,

    I disagree that a grammar checker is what Foliopress WYSIWYG needs. Machine grammar checkers do a less than stellar job. That’s what school if for (avoidance) and editors (cleanup).

    Someone who really needs serious grammar checking should be using a dedicated writing application and just pasting into their web publishing platform.

    We do not want to slow page loads or worsen performance. If anything we’d like to trim Foliopress WYSIWYG down further.

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