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  • I just installed you great WP Link Directory and I really like the features that you offer! However, I am having a few problems. The root, and Categories, and Subcategories are showing up on my Link Directory Page, but the Category and Subcategory Links do not work–they simply load the same page.


    The root works fine.

    Also, in the browse links admin area, the links (edit, trash, new, etc…] do not seem to work–but when I refresh they actually did work–except for [add new]–for it new opens to add a new link.

    I am running WP 3.3.1
    Headway Theme 2.0.13
    Windows 7
    iPage Hosting

    Thanks for your support.

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  • Hello Roger,

    it seems you have removed the link directory from your site, the link you posted does not work anymore.
    I have also just checked the link robot in wp3.3.1, I haven’t experienced any issues. You might want to try to refresh your permalinks, just go to Settings > permalinks and click Save changes.

    The other links to edit or trash should be working as well. They use ajax calls, so if you have some javascript errors on your page, they may misbehave.


    Hi Zdenka,
    Great plugin. For some reason it redirects to homepage when I click on category links. I added slug to the director in Link robot settings. I run most current wordpress as of March 9 and updated plugin files to most up-to-date. Here is the link…

    Hi Blueego,

    you might need to update your permalinks. Please go to the backend, Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes.


    I have been having this very same issue. Links simply reload the directory page over and over again.

    I have this plugin up and running in another blog and all settings are the same. But this one just will not work.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin twice and have updated permalinks MANY times.

    I did recently update all WP files but this is not an issue on the other blog (both hosted with same company on same server). Plus I had this issue before updating the WP files.

    Any other suggestions, besides looking for an alternate solution?

    Gave up and used another option.

    Hello ScifiSlacker,

    sorry about the delay. Something happened to our forum notifications, so we haven’t received your message.

    If your are having problems with link directory permalink, I would suggest you to check for conflicts with your other plugins. Alternatively you could let us do the work for you on right there on your actual weblog, so we would resolve these conflicts.



    I use this plugin on english web sites, when I try to use it on Russian web site, it allow me to create only one category all others said that I already have this title used( all different languages recognized as “greek” the same) is it possible to fix it some how (UTF-8)
    example below

    Hello Nick,

    thank you for reporting this.

    I can’t promise you exact time line of when we might be able to fix this in the plugin. If this fix is important for your work and you can contribute to our open source development, we are happy to fix this for you, just use the donate button on our WP Link Robot page.

    If you know some PHP, you should be able to fix this yourself. Just have a look at the eblex_niceify function in our plugin and if you improve it, we would be happy to include your fix in the plugin.



    I see in your features page that your plugin includes information about listed links (PR, aALexa, etc.)

    I have installed it but I donĀ“t see that information, What should I do to make it visible?



    Hi Alfredo,

    We’ve retired Link Robot and don’t have anyone actively working on it. Paid support is still available. If you’d like help solving your issues, please file a Pro Support request.

    Thanks for trying FV Plugins!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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