We do our best to avoid any compatibility issues and fix any which come up, but FV Flowplayer is a very powerful piece of software and there are a few plugins which do not play well with others. Here's an up to date list (including when compatibility issues were resolved).


  • All In One WP Security (this plugin restricts a lot of files using .htaccess, just remove the "RedirectMatch 403 @" rule, otherwise retina player graphic won't work)
  • bbPress (issues with some templates, version 2.1.41)
  • JetPack (issues with After The Deadline module, version 2.1.17)
  • NextGen Gallery (reported here, fixed in 2.2.8)
  • OptimizePress 2 template (more information)
  • Popup Domination (contains older version of Flowplayer )
  • SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam (reported here, fixed in 2.2.8)


  • Hide My WP (one of our user complained about some playlist issues - the item URLs were somehow changed by this plugin, but exact nature of this bug remains unknown as it's a paid plugin and we haven't heard back from the user)
  • OptimizePress template version 1 (see FAQ for workaround)
  • Photo Gallery (version 1.1.8 - issues when exiting fullscreen view)
  • RokSprocket (conflict between the included MooTools library and Flowplayer, which causes the page content to load into the player container and totally breaks the playback). There is a fix:
    Solved by performing a custom build of the Mootools lib, removing the package "Request.HTML": Mootools adds some methods to the Element prototype (sic), especially a "load" method. This methods conflicts with Flowplayer when it fires a load event using jQuery.
  • WP Lightbox Ultimate (load the Flowplayer library which can be disabled, but that still doesn't fix the issue)

General Plugin Recommendations

While you looking for incompatible plugins, we recommend taking a look at WPEngine's plugin blacklist as anything on their list is probably very bad for performance/hosting.

In terms of caching plugins, we strongly recommend Hyper Cache as its performance is best of breed (ahead or within 3% of leader depending on your site) without all the maintenance headaches the other caching plugins bring on. For WPEngine you don't need to run a caching plugin of your own as they've set it up themselves.