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  • Alec

    Hi there,

    I am getting this error when I insert one of my videos hosted on Amazon:

    Analysis of (remote):

    Bad mime type: Video served with a bad mime type application/octet-stream! Some web browsers may experience playback issues in HTML5 mode (Internet Explorer 9 - 10). Currently you are using the "Default (mixed)" Preferred Flowplayer engine setting, so IE will always use Flash and will play fine. (show fix)

    Format: mp4
    Meta Data (moov) position: 36
    Seek points: 962 (stts sample count)
    Audio: 1 stream, mp4 (ISO/IEC 14496-3 AAC) 44100Hz, 2 channels, 16bit, stereo
    Video: avc1 (H.264 Encoder) codec, M4V file type

    but the video plays anyway. How I can fix the error ?


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  • Hi Angie,

    Amazon is setting the “Content-Type” metadata by default to “application/octet-stream”. What you need to do is:

    • log into your amazon account and go to your S3 management console
    • click on the video you are trying to display on your website
    • then click on the properties button
    • click on “Metadata” and look for the “Content-Type” key – by default it’s “application/octet-stream” and you need to set it according to the extension of the current video. In this case it would be “video/mp4”

    Here’s a small screenshot that should help as well:

    I hope this helped.


    I tried this solution in order to embed my S3 video to my site, but (1) my management console isn’t giving me a video/mp4 option in the drop-down menu and (2) I wonder if I still have the protections that the Javascript EZS3 player gave me before I moved to Sensei? I liked that my video would only play on my URL, and I don’t know how to do that here. Of course, the biggest concern, like OP, is that I’m getting the application/octet error message but can’t follow through on your solution to fix it (but did find your suggestion VERY helpful, as I wasn’t able to get video to play at all until I combined your advice with someone else’s to install Flowplayer).


    Hi Deborah,

    If you have a lot of files on Amazon where you need to change mime type, we’ve just finished working on a system for batch changes using S3 Browser. We’ll be posting a detailed tutorial with 12 screenshots next week.

    We’ll also add some documentation about how to secure your files.

    Making the web work for you, Alec

    Hello Deborah,

    1) you can fix your videos in your Management Console, if there is only few of them, it won’t be so hard. If you have no “video/mp4” option in drop down, you should really be able to type it it. Make sure you make no typos and the warning should disappear.

    2) This is something we want to add to our plugin. We plan to support protected files on Amazon S3, but Sensei should work too. We will be in touch with you.


    Your Post on FV Flowplayer – How to set correct mime-type on videos in Amazon S3 was very helpful -Thank you. I wanted to ask will I need to purchase bucket explorer to keep the Content type at mp4? I am currently using a firefox add on called S3 organiser which doesnt seem to have the functionality of changing the metadata (HTTP Header). I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your help
    Merry Christmas


    Hello fmastro,

    you can use the trial version to fix your mistakes and then be more careful the next time you upload the new videos. Once you set the mimetypes properly, you don’t need the application anymore.


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