Migration Services

Thinking of moving to or from WordPress? You are in the right place. Foliovision are the original experts on platform portability.

Some background info on Foliovision and WordPress migration:

  • here’s our first and still accurate article about how to move from Typepad/Moveable Type to WordPress. This article is the basis of everyone’s work in the migration sector.
  • we’ve successfully moved the Hollywood Reporter weblogs from Typepad to WordPress
  • when HollywoodReporter moved from WordPress to Drupal a year later when Prometheus/e5 consolidated on Drupal, we also moved them without incident
  • we’ve moved Typepad sites for Microsoft, ZenDesk, Yammer on the tech side (i.e. we know what we are doing). Even internet founding father Mark McCahill had us move his virtual reality site (Mark was a lot of fun to work with).
  • we host and do all maintenance on popular specialist sites like Informed CommentTheShiksaDCrainmaker
  • we help with the SEO and host very high traffic media sites like CelebrityBabyScoop.com.
  • we maintain three highly rated and popular WordPress plugins (and six more lower profile ones). We give back to the community.
  • we are experts on WordPress performance and design.

Many of our clients work with us for many years on many sites, whether on the media side Juan Cole, Heather Sanders or Jeff Utecht or on the business side like Lorne Marr or Ella Zetser. We’ve never come across a site which we couldn’t build better in WordPress and never failed on a project.

We do not outsource. All our work is done in house by people with whom we have long term personal and work relationships in our offices in Bratislava and covered by European data protection laws. So you confidential data is safe. (Note: we are currently occasionally engaging external CSS designers for simple projects during design peaks, but they do not have access to your data.)

foliovision team 2013
Here's the Foliovision Team in June 2013: we'll take very good care of you including hands-on training

We have a great in-house design team and can help you get a fantastic new look very affordably.

Some reasons to work with us:

  • great affordable design whether at Gold (theme customisation) or Platinum (full custom site). Any theme at Elegant Themes or Themes Kingdom is free with your Gold+ migration. Many are a great starting point for a new design.
  • turnkey: you don’t have to worry about the technology at all. You go to bed with a fully functional Moveable Type site and wake up in the morning with a perfect WordPress site.
  • zero downtime: we’ve perfected this to the point there’s only about a two hour window where you shouldn’t post. Not even a comment goes missing during the transition.
  • no content loss: we move everything. Images, comments, posts, tags, keywords, meta-descriptions, permalinks. Everything.
  • traffic: no visitors get lost on the way from the old site to the new site
  • SEO: historically we have had a large SEO part of our business so we do about $1000 of search improvements for free on every site which passes through our hands.
  • pleasant: you’ll be working directly with very articulate specialists and not with project managers or customer service drones (or worse yet with an automated process which can’t answer your questions). 
  • training: every platform is a little bit different so we provide full training to all our clients. It doesn’t matter if you are already quite expert with technology (as in your case) or a beginner. Our specialists adapt the level of training and content to your existing knowledge and experience. Sometimes the training is on the nuances of template customisation and WordPress data structure. Sometimes it’s just on how to just post an image in WordPress.
  • no excuses. We get it right the first time.

Lately there has been a round of copycats, including an automated process. That automated process of course often breaks down. Either you don’t notice and lose lots of momentum in Google or you do notice and emergency post-operation surgery has to be done. Any post-operation surgery risks being much more expensive than just doing it right by hand in the first place. Our competitor charges $1500 minimum for what we do at $600 all inclusive. With Foliovision, there are no "hidden" costs.

The competitor has since removed pricing from the site. That competitor does work for free for a high profile media clients to lure you into their platform. We don’t believe that is a valid or viable way of doing business. Every client at Foliovision gets the same first class treatment and pays the very fair prices we charge. I don’t believe we actually make any money on Silver moves: it’s just a service to people trapped on an out of date platform (I remember the experience myself) and a way to meet some great people.

Media clients and professional weblog publishers also have good reason to work with Foliovision. Our work goes far beyond migration. We have helped luminaries like Professor Juan Cole and Philip Weiss turn what were their private weblogs into self-financing sustainable publishing entities. Recently we have helped Melissa Diamond turbocharge her baking membership site and endurance sports authority Ray Maker take his sports review site to new level.

We'd love to help you achieve your dreams too!

Sincerely, Alec Kinnear
Creative Director, Foliovision