FV Feedburner Replacement

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This plugin was designed to help you leave Feedburner. We don't recommend that you use a third-party service for such important feature as RSS feeds, so here's a plugin for all of you who want to get rid of it.


1. Show all subscription options on one page

What we liked about Feedburner was that it contained an email subscription form appearing on the feed address. See "Get The Makeup Blogger delivered by email" below:

feedburner subscription options
Feedburner Subscription Options

Our plugin works similar to Feedburner. If it detects a feed reader, it shows the feed, otherwise is shows the subscription page. What appears on this special page can be set in plugin settings. You can use any HTML of any newsletter service (Mailchimp) or plugin shortcode.

This is a perfect feature, because if somebody just clicks the orange feed icon on your site, he will see the mail subscription form as well as link to the actual RSS feeds.

fv feedburner replacement form
FV Feedburner Replacement - out of the box and ready to go Subscription Page (using Twenty Twelve template)

2. Newsletter Subscription form

To make setting up a new newsletter for the site easier, our plugin comes with a default subscription form which works with Newsletter and Newsletter Pro plugins by Satollo.

It uses double opt-in (subscribers are confirmed by a verification email) and has an option for CSV export (if you plan to use some other plugin, or some newsletter service).

3. Special message for Feedburner subscribers

This feature allows you to make sure Feedburner subscribers only get excerpts of your posts, together with a custom message telling them to subscribe to your new site RSS feed address. The default message is:

Also, visitors coming from Feedburner feed, see the subscription form before they are allowed to read your article.

More information

We recommend reading our installation guide to find out more about the features. Since this is a specific plugin, it includes specific steps for testing.


Download the plugin here: fv-feedburner-replacement-0.2.zip (it should be published on WordPress.org soon)

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