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  • Hello. Nice plugin. Just wondering if there was a way to click the video thumbnail and have the video play in a lightbox.

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  • Hi Barry,

    we don’t have direct support for this functionality. I guess you would need a lightbox plugin that can handle shortcodes. But it might require some custom coding as well.


    Is this something you are looking to introduce?
    I think that today should be standard in a WYSIWYG editor to have just one function that is like Lightbox

    Hi Jonas,

    yes I agree that it would be best if you have only one lightbox of your choice, but you have to realize that it would require to make all these plugins to cooparate.

    Our plugin generates the video into the content, so it is not that straightfoward as placing just an image into the post, and therefore it needs adjustments for the video to display in order in the lightbox.

    Going forward with your idea would mean that we should include support for every lighbox plugin, which would not be possible. Having said this, we are not planning to include this functionality in the near future.


    Thanks for your answer.

    Zdenka is right, there are many lightbox plugins out there so it would be impossible to support them all.

    I ended up buying a premium plugin for this. It supports several of the lightboxen but not all of them.

    I liked having a selection. I ended up using one I thought was best.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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