Speed up Your WordPress

If you site is too slow, it has probably:

  • too many files for no good reason
  • too much data to be downloaded for no good reason
  • tricky database queries which slow down your page loads
  • badly configured adds
  • poorly configured social buttons (all the major social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ have slow default buttons)

Your site might take more than 20 seconds to load when it should be down to three seconds.

Google has said that they favour fast sites in their rankings. Can you really afford to have a slow site and poor rankings?

Speed up Your WordPress includes all of the following:

  • Benchmark your host
    How fast are your database queries and how fast are the files being served?

  • Basic template optimization
    We look for slow and redundant database queries. Are there any excessive images in the template and CSS?

  • Properly configured WordPress page cache
    Caching allows you to server more visitors faster

  • Reduced number of files
    Most of the scripts and stylesheets can be put into smaller number of bigger files

  • Optimized loading of stylesheets and JavaScript
    Compressed and combined for faster delivery

  • Super fast social sharing buttons
    We store the number of your Tweets and Likes on your site, so the buttons can load much faster

  • Better thumbnails
    Faster to load and more secure

  • Security check

    Check your WordPress configuration and permissions

  • Update
    We update and test your WordPress and plugins

* We normally take page loads time down from 12 seconds to under 3 seconds. If you start at five seconds we should be able to bring you down to 2 seconds.

Speed Up Your WordPress Speed Up Your WordPress

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