Foliovision Making the web work for you 2017-08-18T20:32:41Z WordPress Sanela Kurtek <![CDATA[ON/OFF]]> 2017-08-17T12:13:03Z 2017-08-16T12:00:10Z When someone mentions a skate video, the first thing that comes to mind is a compilation of skaters doing crazy tricks, falling down and getting back up to try again. It's what most of skate videos are after all because it's usually amateurs who are filming them for the sake of the tricks. These days it seems that more and more visual artists have found a big source of inspiration in the skating scene and they're looking to create fresh stories out the rides and tricks.

Such is the case of the Berlin-based visual artist and the creative director at FLVR series, a skateboarding brand and art collective based in Berlin, Youri Fernandez. Together with FLVR and Nowness, he created a mesmerizing monochromatic skate video titled Skater's Paradise: ON/OFF.

The film is a part of the HOW MANY BPM? project - an experimental performance and installation series where skateboarders become human metronomes as they ride back and forth on a ramp. The project was founded in 2014 at the l'Hermitage gallery in Paris by Youri Fernandez and visual artist Iouri Camicas.

ON/OFF's soundtrack is a metronomic track from the electronic musician Petit Fantôme which sets the tone and the pace for the four skaters portraited, including Fernandez, as they ride throughout Berlin. The video keeps switching from day to night depicting the skate scene in the city. Nowness called it "a monochromatic portrait of four boarders as they make Berlin their playground".

The attention to details in the video is amazing. The skaters are even wearing black during the day and white during the night. It can't be easy filming the exact same shots at the exact same place during the day and during the night and then combining them without any glitches, but they did it.

Watching it you don't have a feeling you're looking at two different sets of videos filmed during different times of the day, it really feels like someone is flipping the switch throughout the video.

Have a look!

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Eduard <![CDATA[Get Your Hands on the Ultimate FV Player Shortcode Cheat Sheet]]> 2017-08-11T14:24:06Z 2017-08-11T14:23:38Z You don't have to be a seasoned veteran programmer to notice that controling our player is based on using shortcodes. Shortcodes are a part of the WordPress core and they are specifically designed for simplifying the use of code in the editor.

You can think of them as a set of pre-defined macros - a series of words, shortcuts and symbols, that have to be used with an appropriate syntax and will trigger a specific response. In this case it's generating an HTML or other markup. Shortcodes in WordPress are easily recognizable as they are always using the square brackets - "[]". For example, one of the default shortcodes in WordPress is [video].

FV Player's shortcode usually looks like this:

[fvplayer src="" splash="" caption="Foliovision Promo Video"]

As you can see, the first part (fvplayer) tells WordPress to embed our plugin. The other parts (src="", splash="", caption="") are parameters that make the player do a specific action. For instance, the parameters in our example do this:

  • src="" - defines the source of the video. Here you put the URL of your video file
  • splash="" - here you put the URL of a splash image. Our player has added the URL automatically in the example above, as it can auto-generate links to splash images from Vimeo
  • caption="" - use this parameter to write the text you want to be shown with the video. Again, the caption above was auto-generated from the title of the video on Vimeo

As we improved the player over time, we added new features and they were handled by new parameters, so now there is over 40 that are available. Some of these are not in the shortcode editor, so they can only be used manually by typing them.

This is why we decided to list them all in one awesome guide, along with links to respective documentation and info of whether they are available in the free version, or require Pro or VAST license. The guide can be found here - List of Shortcode Parameters.

Example of one of the tables in the list of shortcodes
Example of one of the tables in the list of shortcodes

As you can see, the list is divided into six groups based on what do the parameters concern:

Every parameter in the tables contains a brief description, an example of how it can be used in the shortcode, a mark that indicates whether it's available in the shortcode editor or not, and a link to the respective guide. 

You can use this list to better understand how each parameter works and also discover some parameters that are unavailable in the editor and have a very specific use.

Get Your Hands on the Ultimate FV Player Shortcode Cheat Sheet

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Sanela Kurtek <![CDATA[Les Inconnus | The Strangers]]> 2017-08-17T12:12:13Z 2017-08-10T07:56:00Z Do you ever wonder how many times your face appeared in strangers' photos from all around the world? We are in contact with masses of people every day, but we never meet all of them, we never see all of them. But at one point in time, we are at the same place at the same time, breathing the same air and admiring the same views. How strange is it that we're so aware of our surroundings but so unaware of the people surrounding us.

Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel make the Vallée Duhamel duo, known for their "high class lo-fi" work profile. Based in Montreal, Vallée Duhamel specializes in both images and videos and 'playful and experimental approach toward work'.

After collaborating for seven years, in 2008 they decided to team up and launch a studio:

We started to create animated and video projects, and they eventually became the main request from clients and agencies. After a couple of years developing these lo-fi, handcrafted films, we were able to build a team [and]…it didn’t make sense any more to be co-directors.

To this day they've worked with many big names such as Hermès , Samsung, and Google or Apple.

This year, they were asked to create the Main Titles for OFFF Barcelona 2017, an annual design conference. The video was intended to showcase the name of the speakers from this years' conference, but the Montreal duo went above and beyond.

They created a short film called " Les Inconnus | The Strangers" as a homage to an Oscar winning 1982 short film "Tango" by Zbigniew Rybczynski.

Les Inconnus tells surreal stories of characters moving around in the same space in a complex choreography of interlaced paths:

The tight human pattern they weave often comes really close to overlapping, yet they remain invisible to one another.

In this short film, we see a sequence of people enjoying the most mundane, everyday activities - a girl waking up, a girl dancing, a boy jumping, a girl reading a book - all of them in the same space, creating a poetic human pattern. The end result is a colourful, dreamy world of dancers and moving elements.

If you're a fan of dance, design, fashion or the surreal, you're going to enjoy this very much. Oh, and the captivating song in the video is by called Pressure, by Milk and Bone.

[This post contains video, click to play]

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Les Inconnus | The Strangers

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Sanela Kurtek <![CDATA[Case Study: How FV Player keeps’s videos safe from pirates]]> 2017-08-13T15:33:23Z 2017-08-02T09:22:03Z Foliovision had the opportunity to work with the best magazine for screenwriters, They are using FV Player in their video store section to stream their video tutorials to members.

Screen writing is a form of art. It's not easy transforming stories into a video format. How many times have you watched a movie and you liked the idea behind it, but the writing was so bad you had to give it up? It proves the fact that good screenwriters are as important as good actors and directors. went live in 1994. During the 90s, it was a printed magazine, publishing about 25,000 copies six times a year. Now it's only available online, catering for screenwriters and anyone interested in screenwriting. We talked to John Davis, the magazine's editor, about the site:

In both Hollywood and the industry that covers it, there has always been a focus on directors and actors. But screenwriters are every bit as important!

John himself is a published author and has worked as a writer and editor for over 20 years. He won two Origin awards for his work on two turn-based strategic games based on the Lord of the Rings, called "Legends: The One Ring" and "Middle-earth PBM":

Think board games for a large number of players played online, or MMOs where the action regularly stops to give players time to think about what to do next. I worked on the games as lead writer, which was a great honour, as I was granted permission to write fiction based in and around Tolkien's books.

The writers and editors on the team come from all over the world, John told us:

We consist of the founder, Erik Bauer, executive editor Sam Roads, general editor John Davis (me!), US editor Chris McKittrick, and of course our freelance journalists. We are pretty international, with some people working out of LA, others elsewhere in the US, and several further afield in Canada and the UK. 

When the magazine decided to drop its print version and go online, it was a practical decision. The film industry is huge and there are new movies coming out almost every day. To be able to keep up with the news it was only natural the magazine will turn to the internet:

Being online allows us to reach our readers more quickly and directly than a printed magazine - I can receive an article from a journalist in the morning, edit it in the afternoon, and have it available for our readers online in the evening. With a printed magazine, on the other hand, the articles could take several months to reach our audience. This is particularly important when covering new film releases, which may only remain in the public attention for a short amount of time.

Going online also allowed the writers and instructors to offer more than articles. They have an own online video store, where they sell a wide range of instructional videos covering all possible aspects of screenwriting. Whether you're a beginner or you already have a couple of scripts on your resume, you'll find videos for every situation. One of the most famous screenwriters on their list of instructors is definitely Joss Whedon, the writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Toy Story, or the never-forgotten Firefly.

FV Player helps to protect the video content from piracy uses FV Player to stream their pay-to-view video content. You can either watch them online, or you can order them as DVDs to watch them offline.

If you opt for the streaming, after buying the video, you'll be able to access it online as often as you like. The video store is currently a combination of three services - WooCommerce, WooCommerce pay-per-post and FV Player in those pages to create pay-to-view options.

It allows us to have secure streaming from AWS so videos can't be downloaded and shared without our permission.

Using three plugins for the membership section of your website might sound complicated at first, but the advantage of it is that you get to control every step of the transaction and your videos are safe:

We rely on three different plugins, but it does mean our customers can use their same account with us to purchase both streaming and DVD videos, and we can link to both purchase options from the same product page, both of which were important to us. So while at our end it feels a bit messy, it is fairly seamless at the front-end where it counts.

In's setup FV Player acts as another layer of security using encrypted HLS, which means no one can download and pirate your videos. And even if they manage to do it, because there is always a way, the "downloaded" videos won't play.

How does this work?

FV Player is able to decrypt your encrypted videos hosted on Amazon AWS and play them only to the users of your site who have bought your membership or bought the specific video they want to watch.You find the whole process of setting up an encrypted HLS Stream with Amazon Elastic Transcoder in our guide.

Using FV Player's playlists as box sets 

It wasn't just the secure streaming that made the team behind go with FV Player, says John:

We also wanted to be able to sell 'box sets' of multiple streaming videos, and it handles these as well. 

FV Player supports playlists, which can be used to create the said 'box sets', you can sort your videos into these playlists and have multiple playlists on one page. A few weeks ago, we've updated the playlist design and now you can choose from four different styles and also customize them based on your site's preferences.

This current setup works really well for and their video store. In the future, they also want to offer more free video content on the site in addition to the articles and in the age of video this is the right move for any online publication. If you want to learn more about screenwriting, or just read interesting articles and reviews of both old and new movies and TV shows, follow on Facebook or Twitter and learn from the finest screenwriters and script doctors in the business.


Case Study: How FV Player keeps’s videos safe from pirates

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Sanela Kurtek <![CDATA[Patagonia 8K]]> 2017-08-17T12:14:03Z 2017-07-31T08:24:29Z

Martin Heck is a time-lapse artist and cinematographer based in Southern Germany. He started making time-lapse films in 2009 with a basic point-and-shoot camera. Soon enough he realized he's not going to get far with the time-lapses unless he uses better technology, so Martin bought himself a DSLR, but never stopped searching for better and more effective ways to show beautiful landscapes on video.

With growing expectations to quality and composition motion-control gear became quickly a main focus of my work. I started developing and building sliders and jibs to create more dynamic shots than it was possible before.

Tech is always a driving factor behind my work. With sensor-technology quickly evolving, new lens-designs and new post-production techniques I currently specialize in ultra high-resolution visuals in 4K and 8K resolution.

With his company, Timestorm Films based in Southern Germany, Heck travels the world and shoots the most amazing time-lapses that will make you want to buy a ticket and see for yourself if those breathtaking landscapes really exist.

One such timelapse is from Patagonia, shot in 8K.

Patagonia is the horn of South America. The region is shared by Argentina and Chile and it is bordered by the Atlantic on the east and Pacific on the West. It is well known for its untouched wild nature, boasting with mountains, vast steppes, glaciers and ice fields.

The video was filmed during a trip which lasted over 44 days. Martin was travelling through Chile and Argentina with his partner, they initially planned to shoot national parks such as Torres del Paine, Mount Osorno or Fitz Roy. They crossed over 7,500 kilometres, took 100,000 photos and witnessed an unexpected volcano eruption. The result is one epic video. If you can, watch it at least in 4K and enjoy stunning shots of snowy mountain peaks being hugged by fluffy clouds, beautiful green landscapes, frozen lakes and topped with amazing footage of the night skies above Patagonia.

If you're interested in how the video was made, all the technical aspects of it, we've included the behind the scenes video in the playlist below.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Follow Martin Heck and Timestorm Films on Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo | website.  


Patagonia 8K

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Eduard <![CDATA[FV Player’s New Features: YouTube Subtitles and Fixed Error Reporting in Chrome]]> 2017-08-11T14:22:12Z 2017-07-28T13:29:26Z YouTube Subtitles Support (Pro)

Until now, the only way to add subtitles to a YouTube-hosted video was to manually upload them. This is the regular way to add subtitles to all videos - you create the subs yourself (we even have a guide on how to use YouTube to create a transcript) in VTT format and add them via the shortcode editor.

But what if the video on YouTube already has subtitles? Downloading them is pretty tricky and you have to use some kind of third-party software to do that. However, we have discovered a way to use the YouTube API to handle the subtitles through our player, so from now on, you don't have to upload anything. Just post a YouTube video as you normally would and FV Player will automatically load the subtitles, no other settings are required. Check it in this demo:

[This post contains video, click to play]

If you already have YouTube-hosted videos on your website, that have manually added subtitles, then don't worry - these will be automatically prioritized over the ones from YouTube. This feature is currently available only in Beta mode.

Fixed error reporting in Chrome

The new version of Google Chrome (60.0.3112.78) changed the way the video error events are handled and Flowplayer, which is the core FV Player video engine, was suddenly not able to handle them anymore.

Example of a console error in Google Chrome
Example of a console error in Google Chrome

Luckily, we were able to quickly create a fix for this issue and release it in the update to version 6.2.6. It occurs when there is a video error of any kind - the error message never shows up, so the users can only wonder why their videos won't play. We were able to reproduce the issue on OS X and Android, also with Google Chrome version 59.0.3071.125.

The bugfix was also submitted to Flowplayer team.

Don't forget:

FV Player’s New Features: YouTube Subtitles and Fixed Error Reporting in Chrome

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Sanela Kurtek <![CDATA[DreamRide 2]]> 2017-08-17T12:14:29Z 2017-07-25T12:01:13Z

Hello, old friend. It's good to see you again. I've missed our adventures that grow without end.

We've all at some point in our life experienced the pleasure of returning to an old hobby that made us so happy once. It's like rediscovering yourself again, remembering the person you used to be and choosing to keep and cherish the pieces you liked.

This is the feeling DreamRide 2 evokes. It makes you want to get up, get on your bike and go riding, or give that old hobby of yours another go.

In the video, sponsored by Diamondback Bicycles, produced by Juicy StudiosMike Hopkins, a professional freeride mountain biker from Rossland, British Columbia takes us on an adventure that doesn't seem to have an end.

Hopkins, together with Scott Secco, the cinematographer on the project made DreamRide in 2015. And now, they're back and still dreaming. With help from cinematographers Jordan Manley and David Peacock, a new dream has come to life.

The second part of what's planned to be a three-part series, DreamRide 2 takes us to Hawaii, Revelstoke, BC and Abraham Lake, Alberta. 

Ever since DreamRide, Mike Hopkins has a recurring dream. He's dreaming of a never ending trail in the most beautiful places in the world. In this dream, he steps into a photograph and gets to ride his bike at the most amazing places the Earth has to offer. The team explains how they got this idea:

The concept behind this video (Mike literally stepping into a photograph) was conceived well sitting in a coffee shop staring at beautiful landscape photographs and wishing I could just climb through the frame and into that world. It turns out it takes a lot of pixel pushing to make that happen.

Hopkins continues his ride on what seems like a never ending trail, jumping from a deep green forest to a frozen lake, caves and snow.

It's a bit unusual for this type of videos, but this time it's not all about crazy dangerous tricks. In this video, the surrounding nature is as important as riding. There are tricks involved, but the main point is enjoying outdoors, absorbing the calmness of nature and freeing your spirit from everyday stress.

You hear that sound? The roaring silence when no one's around. There are stories in the wind that float on the breeze, whispering 'There's no better feeling than free.'

Away from the hustle of everyday life, there is just a bike, a rider and whatever nature has prepared for them, be it caves, snow, frozen lakes or a lush, green rainforest. It really is every biker's dream, but even if you're not into bikes, this video will make you want to go outside and explore. Just watch it! 

[This post contains video, click to play]

DreamRide 2

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Eduard <![CDATA[New FV Player Features: Improved Tracking and Smooth Streaming Support]]> 2017-07-20T12:40:56Z 2017-07-20T12:35:46Z Tracking of Broken YouTube Videos

Many of our customers have websites that serve videos hosted solely on YouTube. Tracking the videos in a large number can be quite exhausting, but our player has been supporting Google Analytics event tracking for quite some time now.

YouTube video unavailable - a dreaded sight

Until now, however, you were only able to track the general video errors. Now we have added a specific Event Action called "YouTube video removed". This indicates that the player can't reach the video on YouTube. This may be caused by several reasons, connected to a specific error on YouTube:

  • This video is private - the source video has been set as Private, thus can't be viewed publicly anymore

  • This video is unavailable - usually means the video has been deleted

  • The uploader has not made this video available in your country - the video has a geographical restrictions for some reason and can't be played in your current location

Tracking YouTube errors in the Real Time report of Google Analytics
Tracking YouTube errors in the Real Time report of Google Analytics

If you see the "YouTube video removed" error, you will now know that there is something wrong with the source video and you can try to find an alternative or delete the video from your website. 

You can read more about how to track videos, create custom reports and filter video errors in our guide Using Google Analytics with FV Player.

Microsoft Smooth Streaming Support

Microsoft Smooth Streaming, or MSS, is actually one of the first adaptive bitrate streaming protocols that were adapted as a standard. Much like HLS or MPEG-DASH, it uses the HTTP to progressively download chunks of data which together make the whole video.

MSS is supported by Microsoft devices and it also plays natively on iOS and MacOS. Android unfortunately doesn't support it. FV Player can now play MSS streams through Flash on desktop browsers by using the HLS or MPEG-DASH technology, thus leaving out the necessity to use the deprecated Microsoft Silverlight. To make it work, you have to use the regular MSS manifest URL and add a suffix (format=m3u8-aapl).

The shortcode will therefore look like this:

[fvplayer src=""]

And here is an example stream:

[This post contains video, click to play]

Quick Tip: Revision of Open Buckets in AWS S3 

AWS users, who have one or more S3 buckets with reading policy which gives access to everyone, have recently received a mysterious email with the subject line "Securing Amazon S3 Buckets" The email starts like this: 

We're writing to remind you that one or more of your Amazon S3 bucket access control lists (ACLs) are currently configured to allow read access from any user on the Internet. The list of buckets with this configuration is below.

Someone has already started a discussion about it in AWS forums. As you can see, it only means that you should review your bucket policy and make sure that you have not opened the access accidentally. A good reminder for those who forgot to close these doors from public, but there are certainly those who want to keep the policy as it is. 

For instance, we use a couple of buckets that are open for reading for testing purposes. When you keep the policy open for reading, video files will start to behave like they were self-hosted.

For instance, you have a video you want people to download and share. Instead of securing it, you can loosen the access policy and the video can be easily shared on Facebook, which is an option that is usually only available to self-hosted MP4s. Encourage your users to do so and you will see your video spread without the necessity of using third-party platforms like YouTube or other. Read more about sharing videos on Facebook in our guide Sharing Videos on Social Media.

You can also check this example video hosted in a bucket with an open read policy:

[This post contains video, click to play]

Don't forget:

New FV Player Features: Improved Tracking and Smooth Streaming Support

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Sanela Kurtek <![CDATA[A Drowned Forest Exposed]]> 2017-08-17T12:14:48Z 2017-07-17T16:13:40Z

Liesel Kershoff is a South African landscape and time-lapse photographer. She's based in Caledon, in the Western Cape in South Africa. When she was a child she used to walk down to the Bath River and enjoyed sunsets with her cat and her dog.

I have always had a close relationship with nature and was certain that I would become a wildlife photographer one day.  

After graduating from high school, she decided to travel the world. At one point, she worked at a flower farm in Israel and keept travelling and in her spare time. After a while on the road, she decided to start a fruit and vegetable shop with her sister back home.

It wasn't until her husband bought her her first SLR camera (film) that she decided she wants to be a photographer. She enrolled in a home course and found her calling.

While slowly working my way through the course, it became clear that I had no interest in any other genre than landscapes and I dropped out when the course veered into studio- and other photography.

A few years later, she sold her shop, bought her first DSLR and never looked back.

Over the years, Kershoff started shooting time-lapses as well. And one of her recent projects is our new video of the week.

In close proximity to Caledon, Kershoff's hometown is the 7th largest freshwater catchment dam in South Africa, called Theewaterskloof Dam. In the 1980s when the dam was completed, it flooded the farm houses and infrastructures in the area and also a forest of pine trees, which eventually died. Her video 'A Drowned Forest Exposed' is a picture of that previously flooded pine tree forest.

These dead trees have become quite famous amongst photographers and provide fantastic photo opportunities when water levels are low. It is a mere half hour drive for me and a favourite shooting location ever since I started photography. I know this landscape like the inside of my hands.

Recently the water levels of the dam dropped significantly.

Arriving at the location I was shocked at the devastation a mere 2 months of drought has caused on the water level of the dam and I decided to document the drowned forest which were slowly rising out of it’s watery grave. I also felt an obligation as a photographer to bring the drought closer to home to people who cannot see it for themselves, but also to document a landscape which is usually hidden under water.

In her film, Kershoff used compositions she took two months before the drought and was able to compare the landscape before and after the water disappeared. It took her three months to complete the project. The result is a touching visual story about what is, what could be, and what will never be again.

This project has reminded me of life’s yin and yangs. To appreciate the yang in life, we need to experience the yin. Nature is teaching us a lesson. We need to take notice and learn from our mistakes and stop wasting our resources.

At the end of March 2017, Kershoff wrote that the water situation in Western Cape is becoming serious, the dam level was at 20 percent and only 10 percent of that was usable drinking water. The Theewaterskloof Dam used to provide the greater Metropole of Cape Town with fresh drinking water. Although June rains have increased the water levels somewhat, the Western Cape is still experiencing a crisis and water shortage.

See the amazing and very important video by Liesel Kershoff and if you can, watch it in 4K, it's worth it!

[This post contains video, click to play]

Follow Liesel Kershoff on her website | Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo.   

A Drowned Forest Exposed

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Eduard <![CDATA[FV Player 6.2: MailChimp Integration, Redesigned Playlists & Audio Format]]> 2017-07-18T13:17:32Z 2017-07-14T14:59:22Z FV Player just got one of the bigger updates. What does the version 6.2 bring?

New Feature – Email Subscription Forms

FV Player allows users to have some custom scripts as end pop-ups for quite some time, but that's not for everyone. We wanted to create a new way for the users that are not as tech savvy to make the most of their videos. The most common way to use your video views for your benefit is earning sweet profit from serving ads with them. But what else can you do with that?

You can use the videos as a marketing tool. And what is one of the most powerful and common tools of online marketing? Definitely newsletters.

That's why we decided to create a simple out-of-the-box solution for creating a subscription form at the end of the video, that will display a message you want and will be connected directly with the mailing list of your choosing.

MailChimp in FV Player

This feature is meant to easily connect with third party services and let users just set the form details and not have to worry about anything else. The first version supports only one newsletter platform, although probably the most popular one - MailChimp. We will be gradually adding other services as well. The next one will be another very popular platform - Zapier.

To start with setting the email integration, you will first have to generate a MailChimp API key (you can find how to do that here). Then paste it into the field in Settings > FV Player > Actions tab > Email Integration.

Email Integrationa in FV Player

After saving the key, you will be able to browse through your existing mailing lists that you have in your MailChimp database and pick the ones you would like. Now you can fill the other data and check the result in a preview by clicking on the Save & Preview button. 

Setting the email subscription form in FV Player
Pick your mailing list, fill in the data and generate a preview.

You can also add more lists by clicking on the Add More Lists button. When you have finished with the setting, you can save the changes and then pick the list individually for each video in the shortcode editor under the action tab, or set a default list for the whole website in the top part of the same setting screen, in the End of Video box.

And here you can check how the form looks and even subscribe to our newsletter. You can see it at the end of the video:

[This post contains video, click to play]

The email integration also creates a local database of the acquired contacts, that can be used for quick reference. You can read more about how to set up this feature in this guide - Email Subscription Form Pop-ups.

Note: When used in a playlist, the email form will be shown after the last video ends (as all other forms of end pop-up).

Improved Audio Layout - Great option for Podcasts!

For quite some time, FV Player has an advanced audio support option labeled as Enable audio playback (beta) that can be activated in Settings > FV Player > Setup tab > Integrations/Compatibility.

Activating this feature will allow you to use MP3 audio files in the same way as video, with the added value of being able to use all FV Player's features. Until now, all audio files were styled as video boxes with no visual feed.

We have done some major visual improvements since then and the video box is now replaced with a more simple and easy to use progress bar. We also improved the playlist styling of the audio files, so you can now create longer lists of songs that will be more easy to browse through. Check an example below:

[This post contains video, click to play]

You can check various audio settings in this demo - MP3 in FV Player.

Redesigned Playlists

Creating playlists easily is one of the core features of FV Player. Not so long ago, we have improved the interface of the shortcode editor to make the process of putting in videos more comfortable. Now we have decided that it's time to improve how the playlists actually look like. 

We focused mainly on the default horizontal playlist style, which now displays the video captions on hover in an overlay. The thumbnails of the videos in playlist have also been improved and now are bigger with more refined look.

See for yourself:

[This post contains video, click to play]

We also improved the vertical playlist, which you can see in this demo - Playlist Styles.

Don't forget:

FV Player 6.2: MailChimp Integration, Redesigned Playlists & Audio Format

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