Foliovision Making the web work for you 2017-05-23T12:54:43Z WordPress Eduard <![CDATA[Update: Issues With Vimeo on Older Android Devices]]> 2017-05-23T12:22:06Z 2017-05-23T11:23:32Z Update:

Vimeo has made a new statement about the situation with deprecated TLS protocols on one of their CDN providers. A Vimeo employee, Dana Cacciatore, has stated in this forum thread:

Our CDN provider has just implemented a fix that should restore playback functionality on older browsers and applications.

Please note that this is only a temporary fix. The deprecation plan of TLS 1.0/1.1 is mandated by the PCI Security Standards Council and will force numerous providers across the internet to adjust according. Our team will be working on a communication plan that outlines specific details for users who access Vimeo on older browsers and devices.

Original post:

In the last few days, some of you may have noticed that the Vimeo-hosted videos are not playing on older Android devices - specifically the versions 4.x. and lower.

The reason for this is that one of Vimeo's CDN providers, Fastly, is deprecating the versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the TLS protocol. As Tommy Penner from Vimeo's support team said in this thread:

"Deprecation of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 affects Vimeo-hosted image and video file assets served from Fastly. In the immediate future, requests to Vimeo and the Vimeo API will continue to respond as expected, however links to images and video files served from Fastly that are returned in API responses may return errors. To continue uninterrupted usage, and to better secure your application, your application or client must be upgraded to TLS 1.2."

The browsers on which you can experience the failing videos include Google Chrome and all the native browsers based on WebKit. We have also tested iOS devices as far as to iOS 5, and although it worked, we had some reports of issues on OS X. We found out that the issue can affect Safari on OS X 10.6.8 and lower. The simplest solution right now is to suggest the users to download and use the Firefox browser.

It is probable that Vimeo will solve the issue with their CDN in the upcoming days. In the meanwhile, users with Android version lower than 5 and browser other than Firefox will get this message after the video fails:

Notice on older Android devices will suggest that users use Firefox.
Notice on older Android devices will suggest that users use Firefox.

At this point, pushing users to download and use a new browser might seem like too much. But the fact is, that more and more services will be deprecating the support of the TLS versions below the actual 1.2, and users with old devices will start to have more and more difficulties with their browsing. This can be a preliminary precaution. 

Update: Issues With Vimeo on Older Android Devices

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Lia Rusnakova <![CDATA[Video of the Week – Antonym, Beyond the Waters]]> 2017-05-19T12:22:51Z 2017-05-19T12:22:51Z Unreasonable is a film festival focused on boundary-breaking films, where six artists were chosen to take on the challenge of rethinking an entire genre of film.

Among these lucky creators, Swedes Johan Perjus and Freshteh Piltan were asked the question - what is the future of surf films and what could be done that had not been?

Being friends and old surfers, they really took this Unreasonable challenge to their hearts:

Unreasonable links with evolution. To be unreasonable can be a healthy approach to life. To question. And not just take the boundaries you're given. If any scientists back in the days would have been reasonable the earth might still have been considered flat.

Freshteh knew she wanted to be a director since she was 9. She noticed very early on that films have a power of shifting your stance and creating a change. To create mesmerizing visual worlds that encourage to see things beyond your normal field of vision became her goal. Johan, on the other hand, discovered film when he saw The Battleship Potemkin in high school. Being inspired by all kinds of art, he started by creating graffiti, graphic design and photography. Together, joying forces with surfer Soli Bailey, they created short film Antonym:

I think we felt it was an exciting experiment and chance to take surf films further beyond its normal form.

So let us imagine the world without water, where you can only surf in the most unexpected place - the desert. Exploring the momentums of surfing and our dependency on oceans, surreal imagery of this piece captures your attention from beginning to end.

We needed to think differently. We’re both concerned with environmental issues and the water shortage in California somehow inspired us to be a backbone of the film. And having a surf film without any water is quite a different take.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Find Johan on his Website / Instagram


Video of the Week – Antonym, Beyond the Waters

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Lia Rusnakova <![CDATA[Video of the Week – Memories of South Asia]]> 2017-05-12T10:59:36Z 2017-05-12T10:59:36Z Clemens Wirth is a director, motion designer and animator based in Austria. He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences FH-Salzburg with a degree in Multimedia Art and currently freelances in visual art. Clements also has a passion for macro photography, model building and title design. He amazes people with his lively work from miniature people to a different view of the real world:

I always loved it to experiment with things from nature as well as with everyday objects. Music and films, mother nature, people and animals, chemical reactions, physics and science are very interesting and inspirational for me.

Being from a small town Innsbruck surrounded by beautiful mountains, it’s no wonder that Clements feels close to nature.

His adventurous side led him through Nepal, India and Sri Lanka last December. He captured his experiences in an eye-catching video, where he immortalized landscapes and portraits into idyllic sequences filled with poetry.

What an amazing adventure! It's really hard to explain what I experienced, but here is a glimpse of what I saw.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Find Clemens on his Website / Instagram


Video of the Week – Memories of South Asia

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Lia Rusnakova <![CDATA[Video of the Week – 24 Drones]]> 2017-05-05T19:26:20Z 2017-05-05T19:26:20Z Daito Manabe is a skilled programmer, designer, DJ, VJ, and composer from Japan. In his work, he reinterprets familiar through a different viewpoint, and rather than using rich expressions with high resolution or realistic sensation, he focuses on simple observing. Daito mostly uses programming and interactive design, which lead him to participated in live performances in Japan and overseas. In 2011, he started to work with a multimedia dance company Elevenplay and together they create stunning performances using technology such as drones and robot arms.

I enjoy making what I haven’t seen before. That’s why I try to be creative.

Drones. What started as simple videos of sunrises has evolved into professional works of art including aerial photography galleries and, now, choreographed dance.

With the combined use of tracking software and control systems, 24 pre-programmed hovering drones and dancers from Elevenplay could extend their use of space beyond the typical ground-level choreography. The mesmerizing result explores the relationship and interaction between body and technology.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Find Daito on his Website / Facebook / Twitter

Video of the Week – 24 Drones

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Lia Rusnakova <![CDATA[Video of the Week – Memoria]]> 2017-04-28T09:06:19Z 2017-04-28T09:06:19Z Wolfstreet is a creative agency based in Amsterdam. Because they are combining city’s finest strategists, creatives, producers and directors, they are able to be skilled in terms of cost-efficiency, effectivity, speed and flexibility. Continuously meeting new talents, they have an in-depth knowledge of the possibilities and limitations, which helps them to develop concepts and execute them in-house.

One of their many talents is Jurriaan Kamps, who is behind the short film Memoria, illustrating nostalgia of a great first love.

Memories of our first real romantic relationship are buried deep in our brain and we never forget it. And although they are so deep, it only takes a little moment - hearing a song, smelling a specific scents - and those images of our past rise to the surface with such a rush and when we least expect it.

Main character of this short movie, a driver greatly portrayed by Bob Stoop, is also facing his memories after a long time. They got him unprepared, but he smiles while letting them take the full control.

Director Jurriaan creates an adult’s vision of youth by using dream-like sequences:

We bought an old magnifying glass, and attached it to the lens - results is the same sort of optical effect as a tilt shift.

Memoria shows us the paradoxes of youth, confronting water and fire, life and death, work and freedom. But most of all, it reminds us that the power of our first love is everlasting.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Find Wolfstreet on their Website / Facebook / Instagram


Video of the Week – Memoria

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Eduard <![CDATA[FV Player’s New Features: YouTube Labels in Google Analytics and More]]> 2017-04-28T12:03:42Z 2017-04-27T10:33:02Z List of contents:

Updated YouTube Labels in Google Analytics

It's pretty easy to track the performance of your videos and ads with FV Player, since it automatically integrates with Google Analytics and creates custom events, which you can filter to get the most relevant and detailed data. You can find out which videos are viewed the most, what devices are used the most for watching, track video errors, or even create a custom email reports, so you are informed all the time. You can find more about tracking videos in this guide: Using Google Analytics with FV Player.

There was a slight problem with the labels of YouTube videos - they were marked with their URL suffix and were recognizable only by the video ID, for example "watch?v=A8o_fqHSsYI". As some of our users pointed out, this was not very convenient, so from now on, the player will label the videos with their full title, with "YouTube:" as a prefix, and the video ID as a suffix - very similar to labeling of Vimeo-hosted videos. For example: "YouTube: Tears of Steel - Blender VFX Open Movie (R6MlUcmOul8)".

New YouTUbe labels in Google Analytics
New YouTUbe labels in Google Analytics

Video Ad Labels

Same as the YouTube hosted videos, all custom video ads now have improved labels. They will all be listed with the prefix "Video Ad:", that will help you to filter out the relevant data about the behaviour of your users.

Video Ad labels in Google Analytics
Video Ad labels in Google Analytics

Using StackPath with Secure Tokens

StackPath is a great way to add a reliable and scalable CDN to your existing hosting. If you decide to serve your videos through StackPath, you can also use their Secure Token option to protect your videos from hotlinking (like you can with KeyCDN). We actually built this feature for one of our clients - an adult blog called You can read a case study with all the details here.

All you need to do is to set up the distribution and then add the CDN URL ({something} along with the custom domain name (if you decided to set one) and also the Secure Token key into FV Player Pro's settings (Settings > FV Player Pro > Hosting tab > StackPath). 

StackPath in FV Player Pro settings
StackPath in FV Player Pro settings

Other Improvements and Fixes

Shortcode editor working in the "Text" tab of WP editor

Many WordPress users stick with the default text editor based on the open source TinyMCE HTML WYSIWYG editor. It's easy to use and covers all the basic elements that users need when writing posts (if you are looking for something more advanced, try out our free Foliopress WYSIWYG editor).

The default WP editor can switch between two views - Visual, which will show you the text of your post with image thumbnails and other elements, such as video iframes, and Text, which will show you the HTML source code. Our shortcode editor was working only in the Visual view, but also could be opened in the Text view without the ability to update the shortcodes. This was causing confusion, so we fixed that. Now you can edit the shortcodes in both views.

The default WP editor
The default WP editor

Don't forget:

FV Player’s New Features: YouTube Labels in Google Analytics and More

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Alec Kinnear <![CDATA[How to restore missing WordPress Featured Image Screen Option]]> 2017-04-25T23:53:28Z 2017-04-25T23:53:28Z Media, in Appearance, in the Customizer or in wp-config. Here's the code to drop into functions.php.]]>  Ever had your Featured Image Admin Option go missing in WordPress? This very useful cute little box:


The Featured Images check box is not in Screen Options either:


The issue is not:

Here's how you restore the missing Featured Image box. Open up your theme functions.php file.

Just drop this bit of code in there:

// Add theme support for Featured Images
add_theme_support('post-thumbnails', array(

All is well again. Reload your admin screen and featured images are back. It's very easy to doublecheck for this issue. You can enable any of the recent default themes like Twenty Fifteen to make sure the Featured Image box shows up when editing posts. If not, then the issue might be elsewhere.

How to restore missing WordPress Featured Image Screen Option

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Alec Kinnear <![CDATA[Yoast SEO vs FV Simpler SEO review or How Joost de Valk undermines]]> 2017-04-26T10:45:59Z 2017-04-25T15:32:20Z One of our clients is deciding on whether he should renew Yoast SEO or move to our free FV Simpler SEO. Tommie asked me some good questions about the differences.

Our SEO workflow in Yoast is mostly to help writers. It tells gives Harriet and other writers suggestions and warnings on optimising the permalink, meta description, heading, etc. based on the keyword target/s. Is that what yours does too?

FV Simpler SEO will:

  • warn you to fill in a meta description
  • will warn you if your title is too long
  • will automatically shorten your permalink to the most important words
  • will preview how your page would look in Google SERPs

FV Simpler SEO will not:

  • tell you how to optimise the permalink based on keyword targets
  • tell you how to optimise the meta description based on keyword targets

There are a couple of reason.

  1. Someone who writes for the web should learn the basic theory of SEO (i.e. write about a subject and use that vocabulary everywhere without repeating the same words over and over again like a moron).
  2. What really helps with SEO is writing great stories and putting in reasonable titles. All the SEO keyword counts are hopelessly outdated. It's hocus pocus.

As long time Yoast user amrandco writes:

The keyword, green light indicator, is so “not helpful’ and badly configured for SEO, it’s a joke. If someone new to SEO followed the green light and hit publish when it lite up they would never get anything to rank. It seems that Yoast advertises so many “features” BUT most of them are actually completely unnecessary and only add confusion and bloatware.

Advantages FV Simpler SEO has over Yoast:

  1. works out of box with intelligent defaults
  2. has very defensive settings so you can't knock your site out of Google very easily
  3. is low maintenance
  4. doesn't clutter up your dashboard with Yoast this and Yoast that bragging and noise (if you run Yoast SEO be sure to install Piet Bos's amazing five star SO Hide SEO Bloat
  5. is free

Yoast SEO with six different plugins/extensions at €269/site is an embarassing rip-off. Developers like Yoast who are turning WordPress into a strictly pay to play platform are violating the spirit of open source.

Yoast-upsellEverything Yoast does has a price tag: Yoast users are not someone to help, but marks

Yoast violates almost all of the plugins directory rules - and gets away with it

It's particularly aggravating to see Otto and Mika from the WordPress plugin directory giving Yoast a pass on violating the plugin directory rules regularly, whether on compensated reviews or dashboard advertising or hidden backdoors or non-dismissable admin notifications.

Yoast-spamming-dashboard-naggingYoast spams the dashboard relentlessly: together with WPMUDEV and Automattic
those three alone have poisoned the WordPress dashboard

Some people think Joost de Valk is a great businessman in the way he steals from the WordPress community and gets help with it in exchange for some WordCamp sponsorship. It looks more like corruption at the highest level of our open source project. Who says money can't buy you love? Not our flying dutchman.

Yoast-dashboard-nagware-promising-support-for-5-star-reviewIt's supposed to be illegal to reward users for 5 star reviews

It's supposed to be illegal to reward users for 5 star reviews: the implicit offer here is you can have some support for a five star reviews. Of course if you try to ask for support you'll be directed to buy the plugin. And once you've bought the plugin you'll be asked to buy the documentation. And once you've bought the documentation, hands-on support is available at $700/website (actually even worse, support is now $299/month). Yoast SEO is a bottomless scam. Buy any other SEO plugin and you'll get better support. Or use FV Simpler SEO for free and you'll get better support.

At one point, Yoast had the effrontery to name his plugin WordPress SEO. Not a peep from the plugin directory mods. Eventually as that's a trademark violation, Yoast was reluctantly forced to backtrack. Yoast apparently had plugin directory moderators deleting unfavourable posts for a long stretch.

Yoast is Lazy and hates to provide support

Yoast is lazy: he lives in the Netherlands but can't find someone to support users in French (hey Yoast, les Belges sont just à côté, faites appel, hein?) even though he lives next to a French speaking country.

You are right that we have been unable to help you in your own language, French. Since we have a very distributed support team, the only language we have in common is English. This means that we’re only able to provide our premium support in English.

Hint: Joost de Valk. We support users in English, German, French, Spanish, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian and Russian with documentation in four of those languages. We have a smaller team than you do. You just have to want to make an effort. You and your team are an embarassment to Europe.

Even if you pay Yoast, there's no guarantee you'll get any support (the poor Frenchie above was a paid user, I hope he got his money back ). Even if it's just to uninstall his bloatware plugin successfully:

I installed the free version and it changed the contents of the h1 element on the home page and blog to the SEO title followed by a few focus keywords. It looks as expected when I preview changes for these pages but not after it’s saved. I could not find this setting anywhere so I uninstalled the plugin but that did not fix it. I ran two different yoast uninstaller plugins and still no luck. I searched the files, database, knowledgebase, and support forum but cannot find where this is coming from or a solution. I submitted a message on the forum but still no help. I contacted the plugin developers but nobody will help me unless I purchase the premium version. So we upgraded to the premium version and still have the problem and now I’m waiting on support to return my email.

Marvel at the support paid users enjoy:

“Thanks for emailing us!

We’ve been working on some of the issues with our plugin. However, these are things that take a little time to do because we are tackling the issues as they come up.”

Yoast destroys the integrity your admin dashboard

Watch the Yoast support team weasel and contort themselves dealing with serious criticism from an advanced plugin developer. Understandably Blackhawk Cybersecurity (they offer a great anti-spam plugin) doesn't like the admin spam:

As many other users are complaining of, over the years, it has become more and more promotional and invasive in the admin. Alerts harass the admins, and it’s excessive....Subtle advertisements are fine. Yours are not subtle — they are the opposite of subtle. If you compare your ads to those of other plugins, yours are much more far more obnoxious. Perhaps the increase in recent 1-star reviews over the past few months should clue you in.

You’ve gotten 285 of your 409 1-star reviews in the last 4 months. That’s 70% of your total negative reviews that you’ve gotten in the past 4 months alone. Previously, during the entire lifetime of your plugin, you only got 124. That’s definitely an increase! How do you honestly not see that? (BTW, nice try with the 14 in 3 months. You have to look at the big picture, not short segments.)

Anyway, I’ve said my piece. You’re not going to change minds with talk. Fix the issues.

Instead of dealing with the issue and fixing the admin spam, Ben Vaassen dissembles and weasels and finally just begs Scott Allen to change his mind and reverse the review with a pathetic smiley:

At the very least, I can try to change your mind, right? 😉

It appears the only way to get free support is to leave a one star review, not a five star review. Way to encourage review extortion, Joost de Valk.

Yoast sells his users out to SEO spammer friends

Not only is Yoast spamming its users header tags, Joost de Valk is also selling our emails to his spammer SEO buddies:

Not to mention the amount of spam email from I have rolled back after updating only two sites, but I am still continually having to unsubscribe from regular Onepage spam mail.

Guess what OnePage wants from you too:

yoast-affiliate-sales-from-dashboard-onpage-pricingSurprise, surprise, once he's milked his users dry himself, Yoast is selling
his users emails out further to other SEO spammers for more affiliate dollars

When caught out deliberately passing on your data to third parties, Yoast was not temporarily banned from (standard procedure) but was asked to make this illegal data sharing opt-out. It should be opt-in (when you install the plugin it should not contact any external servers or services without permissions. Those are the rules the rest of us play by.

Yoast scamware and scareware endangers WordPress

Scamware plugins like Yoast SEO are why eventually WordPress will die. Under the weight of the carpet baggers like Yoast who only think of extracting money from users. WordPress advertises itself as the free way to build a website. Perhaps. If the user could only get past the pickpockets and muggers standing at the door and working the station with the approbation and encouragement of the cops.

How does any of this support Matt Mullenweg's claim about "democratising publishing"? When this is the kind of leadership an open source project has it is doomed. Yoast should feel ashamed for polluting the water we all drink. The average WordPress user can help by using any other SEO plugin and never paying Yoast a penny. If you would like to rate Yoast SEO, here is where you do it. Five stars not required.

To create a level playing field and encourage better behaviour, Yoast and Joost de Valk should be banned from sponsoring any WordPress Foundation or WordCamp project until he cleans up his act.


Here's a list of the other WordPress SEO plugins which you could use, along with pricing. None of them require additional software beyond the core plugin or paying for support or documentation.

Yoast SEO vs FV Simpler SEO review or How Joost de Valk undermines

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Lia Rusnakova <![CDATA[Video of the Week – Melt]]> 2017-04-21T16:03:12Z 2017-04-21T16:03:12Z Davis Silis is a director and writer based in London. Having worked with artists like The Kooks or Milky Chances, he creates music videos with alluring imaginary.

In his second video for British singer Cherie Jones (first being for song Hoops), Davis presents a fragmented version of her, that develops with intricacy through the track and is a great visual metaphor:

There’s a line in the lyrics - We started with nothing, grew into something - that got me thinking about the way relationships, and who we are when we get into them, start like an empty canvas that is filled over time. So much, that even who you were, in the beginning changes too. How it’s often hard to distinguish where one person ends and the other begins because you both have a mutual impact on each other.

We begin with Cherie in one state, who is then broken apart and even after she melts back together again, we can see that it is a new version of her. But the idea of employing a distinctive split-image technique presented itself with some technical challenges:

We wanted to shoot single long takes of Cherie’s performance multiple times with just two lenses, so we could add fragments from different takes and the camera would always be in the same position. Our choreographer, Alexandra Green, also created movement that would progressively change over takes, so when we spliced one shot with another, we’d get beautiful layers of movement.

Davis and his team used the 360º track and translated each snare hit in the song to marks on the floor. This mark was then hit by a laser attached to a dolly.

To separate Cherie from the background, we used a second dolly with a moving green screen, the same laser-guided technique and a second grip, which let us keep both dollies perfectly 180º apart and moving at the same speed. The effect was to create a completely natural image, as though it were all in-camera.

The end result of this video is mesmerising and, with all of its deformation, kaleidoscopic images, broken glass and multiplicities, was nominated for Best Pop Video at 2016 UK Music Video Awards.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Listen to Jones’ debut album New Skin featuring the song Melt and find Davis on his Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Video of the Week – Melt

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Eduard <![CDATA[FV Player’s New Features: Download Links With Simple History Tracking]]> 2017-05-11T14:04:22Z 2017-04-18T10:33:39Z List of contents:

Video Downloading

We spent a lot of time thinking about ways to protect one’s video from being downloaded and how to integrate the solution into FV Player. Although there isn’t exactly a bulletproof way to do it, there are many ways to make it harder. 

But what if you have a membership site and you actually want your users to download your videos as easily as possible? We got you covered with a new feature, that has been released in the Beta mode of FV Player Pro: video downloading is a built-in feature with no need for activation on your end, and it allows you to use a new shortcode, which creates a download link visible only to logged in users.

For example, one of our clients, an online adult website has a membership section (read more about this interesting blog in our case study), which can be accessed by paying a monthly fee. The paying members can then access video content in various qualities and download the videos directly with FV Player. The video links are protected from hotlinking with a secure token and distributed via CDN. The download link will therefore appear only to those who are logged in and it will expire after the pre-set time.

Exaple of how download buttons look on
Exaple of how download buttons look on

Downloading is done with the player’s new shortcode, that is slightly different from the regular shortcodes, and generates a link that will instantly make a download call after clicking. For example:

[fvplayer_download src="" caption="Click this link to download the video"]

You need to specify the source attribute and also the caption, which will determine the text of the download link. The shortcode above will give you this result (Note: keep in mind that you have to be logged in to see the download link):

We’ve added two other great functions to this feature.

  • The first one is that it automatically integrates with the popular Simple History plugin. This plugin logs all the events on your website and shows you statistics. FV Player will create a custom event for each download, showing user’s name, IP address, which videos he downloaded and on which page he did it.
  • The second function is setting up the download link template in the FV player settings (Settings > FV Player Pro> Setup tab > Download (beta)).

Here you can set the defaults for every [fvplayer_download] tag by changing the tags in the link. The tags that are currently available are:

  • %name%
  • %class%
  • %src%
  • %caption%

For example, we changed the %class% tag to class=”button” and now every [fvplayer_download] tag will use the predefined styling you can see above.

You can find more details about this feature in the guide Video Downloading With Simple History Support.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Fixed an issue with Quality switching

There was an issue with the Quality Switching feature: the player was crashing when one of the qualities defined in the quality switching settings was missing. This was fixed, so the player will continue to play the video even if a missing quality is selected.

When you are using the Pro version and have integrated the Vimeo access token, you will be able to allow the player to automatically parse the links to videos from these services in your comment section. That means using a link to YouTube or Vimeo in a comment will automatically convert it to FV Player. The feature doesn’t integrate only with comments, but also with bbPress and BuddyPress plugins.

FV Player parsed Vimeo video link in a comment
Example of how FV Player parses a Vimeo link in a comment

Turn this option on in Settings > FV Player > Setup tab > Integrations/Compatibility and check the option Parse Vimeo and YouTube links.

Parse Vimeo and YouTube links
Parse Vimeo and YouTube links option in FV Player settings 

Amazon S3 with Ajax option

Another small tweak for the Pro users. The secure videos hosted on Amazon S3 and configured in the FV Player settings can be called via Ajax, making them even more secure and faster to load.

Enable this option in the settings (Settings > FV Player Pro > Hosting tab > Amazon S3).

Don’t forget:

  • You can check our Changelog to see the full list of all the new fixes, features and changes
  • You can install our plugins via WordPress
  • You can buy our license and become a Pro user! You will get instant access to features like advanced Vimeo, YouTubeCloudFront, and KeyCDN integration, custom video ads and branding, and many other options
  • More resources, how-tos and guides are available in our Documentation
  • Free support is always available on our FV Player forums

FV Player’s New Features: Download Links With Simple History Tracking

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