While we haven't experienced issues anymore with new plugin version (issues with browser caching in version 2.1 were fixed in version 2.1.1.), it's possible that the old version worked better for you, as the core Flowplayer 5 is still in active improvement (see known issues and updates).

Here's a quick guide how you can install the old version which is still using Flowplayer 3.

  1. Download the older version (1.2.17): http://foliovision.com/downloads/fv-wordpress-flowplayer-1.2.17.zip
  2. On your WordPress site, deactivate and delete the plugin. Don't worry, your options will be preserved.
  3. Then install the plugin from ZIP file by going into Plugins --> Add New --> Upload

If you also already replaced all of your [­­­flowplayer­­] shortcodes with [­­­fvplayer­­], here's how can take this change back (you do not have to do this, as new version of our plugin works with both shortcodes).

  1. Install plugin called Search Regex. It lets you find some text in all of your articles and replace it with some other text. There are more plugins like this, so you can use your faviorite one, but this is the plugin which we use.

Before using this plugin, we strongly recommend that you back up your database. Otherwise if you make a typo, it might change your shortcodes differently (if you are a programmer, you probably can fix that with another search and replace). Here's a WordPress.org article about how to backup a database.

fv wordpress flowplayer search regex
How to use Search Regex to search and replace shortcodes
  1. Next enter [­fvplayer­ as search pattern ad [f­lowplayer­ as replace pattern. Make sure you do not check the "Regex" checkbox. That's right, there is no closing ].
  2. Click "Replace & Save". Unless you have thousands of posts, this should only take a few seconds to finish.